I’m pretty sure I know exactly where all my socks go… I usually wash them in a load of whites, sometimes with sheets – so I’m pretty sure that if I wanted to really search, I’d find all my missing socks inside duvet covers. I’ve got a few pairs of Crazy Socks that I wish I could wear again but I’m just hopeless at keeping them together.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped washing socks with white sheets.

Or that I go looking each week after the laundry is done and folded.

It also doesn’t mean that finding single socks EVERY SINGLE WEEK doesn’t make me CRAZY!

They go in as two, they should know enough to come out as two right?

I don’t have any black sheets, so I can only guess that the black ones are running away entirely.

I think I’ve found a solution;
something that means that everyone around me will have to change their ways – but at least I won’t. lol

Truthfully, it’s pretty easy for everyone involved.

Put dirty socks into your laundry bag – as a pair – and done!

I can then wash them right in their own bags and return them as a pair!

This is also going to help a ton since Madison has started wearing my gym socks – she can put the pairs I’ve given her into her own bag, and then I won’t forget and take them back again after laundry day.

Just hang the bag on the back of the bedroom door, or even on the side of the hamper itself.

This has the added bonus that if the socks are really sweaty and grungy, I won’t have to stick my hand in each one to turn it rightside-out….

Have fun Hubby – you put them in inside-out and you get them back that way.
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy that part of doing your laundry! (sarcasm fully intended).


  Have a great one!