There used to be a notice on the Canada Post website reminding everyone that international Christmas cards had to be in the mail by December 11th (if I remember correctly) in order for there to be guaranteed delivery before Christmas.  I couldn’t find the notification online just now, but the date has stuck with me as my deadline for getting my Christmas cards (home and international) in the mail.

I’m usually pretty good and have at least 50 whipped up in advance of December and then mail them all off on December 1st… not this year.

I spent part of Sunday puttering away in my studio creating my first 20 cards.  My first 20.  Hopefully not my only 20?  *Note: to friends and family, if you don’t receive one of these cards in the mail in the next couple of weeks, please accept these photographed versions in their stead.  “Merry Christmas love Shelly and the gang!”

I take my tea, and usually a smidgen of chocolate, and press play on some tv series on my iPad and create while I watch/listen.  It’s a treat really, I’m not sure why I’m so late off the mark?

I cased (meaning: copied) two CAS (meaning: clean and simple) Christmas cards I found online.

The first is a knock-off from Betsy Veldman:

CAS Christmas Cards

I couldn’t find the same card to link you to the original, but I’ve linked to Betsy’s site if you want to see more of her amazing talent.

Christmas Cards - 2

These next CAS Christmas cards were made with white embossing powder and a heat gun – really easy to do, but your recipients won’t know it.  The raised white of the wreath and words has a smooth feel and really makes the wreath stand out.  I did a bit of sponging around the outer edges to help differentiate the top layer from the card itself and then added a bit of bling to the corners.

Christmas Cards - 3

I get bored making the same card over and over again, so I made a dozen of the Merry card and 8 of the wreath card.

Christmas Cards - 4

Then I went back to sanding.

Christmas Cards 2 - 1

Which is also therapy, mainly because I get to wear hearing protection which blocks out my family asking me for things.

There’s an idea!  Think they’d notice if I started wearing my bright yellow ear guards around the house?  Maybe I could tell them they are earbuds?  Giant, yellow, ear-encompassing ear buds. lol

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I missed yesterday’s great gift idea, but I’ve got a good one for you today… the Husky 28 Drawer Small Parts Organizer.

This is not sponsored – I actually own one of these and it is indispensable!  I use it in the workshop to keep all of my nails and screws organized, and it has a flip down lid over each row to keep sawdust out (which, as you can tell above, is an issue for me).  Definitely one of my favourite DIY items, although it would work equally as well as a craft organizer.  At $20 U.S. / $29 Cdn, it’s also an affordable gift for the crafter/DIYer in your life.

Great gift idea - small parts organizer for your DIYer

click image for U.S. link, Canadians click here.

Have a great one!




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