I have three men in my life.

Hubby of course is first and foremost – but I have my “main men” Milo and Otis.

Yes, I am one of those women that sleeps with three men every single night.
(I had to make that sound better than it really is – two purr like lawnmowers – so it’s not quite the three men of my fantasies.)

I saw a pet tent/cat tent on Pinterest and thought I would try it.
You will need:

  • an old t-shirt that you no longer want.  (Ideally large or XL)
  • two wire coat hangers
  • wire cutters
  • some tape
  • a box or basket large enough to hold your pet

The coat hangers in this photo are not strong enough (learned the hard way).  If you have a thicker metal hanger, that you can still cut through, it will be a much sturdier enclosure.

If you don’t have a basket, a small box will work as well.  This is just half a pizza box reinforced around the edges with a little duck tape.

First off, cut the rounded part of the coat hangers off.

Straighten the hangers out into a shape something like this:

Fit the ends of the hangers into the corners of the box and then stick them together at the cross section.
Given Otis’ chewing tendencies, I thought duck tape would be our best bet.

Then stretch the t-shirt over top of the frame and box.

You get the idea of the size here – this might be better for a ferret or kitten.  Odie is a little on the heavy side so, while he liked it, I thought I’d better go bigger.

I used the same frame, but put it into a large basket and lined it with “his blankie”.

He loves it!

In fact, Milo (green eyes) thought he’d get into the action too and check it out.

Maddie thought she’d shove gently coerce both of the boys in together to see if it was big enough – it is, but Milo only has eyes for me, so he snuck back out.

This photo makes me laugh – GranDad and I call it “nuts up”:
(brazen little bugger isn’t he?)

Like father, like son. lol
My nightly foursome may have shrunk down to a menage-a-trios! lol

Next pet’s names:  Dwayne Johnson and Joe Manganiello – then I’ll really be bragging about whom I’m sleeping with!

Have a great one!

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