Printable Book Plate

If you are Kon Mari’ing your home, or are the type to share books after you’ve read them, then these free, printable book plates are a great addition to your donations.  Give the next reader a brief critique and then encourage them to pass the book along as well.

I’m in a bit of a holding pattern of late.  As you may know if you follow me on InstaStories, Hubby and I are separating.  It’s a sad, tense and overwhelming experience […]

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Wood Book Rest / Wood Bookmark

Are you ready to get your summer reading on?

In my world, there is nothing better than parking yourself on the patio with a tea (hot or iced) and a good book while the kids run rampant in the yard.  It doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like, but those few stolen moments on weekends are my bliss.

I came across an ingenious book rest / wood bookmark on Pinterest and couldn’t resist – I had to have one for myself.

This […]

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Christmas Craft Book – A 100Things2Do Christmas

Last year I wrote a book – you may remember?

Christmas craft book, A 100Things2Do Christmas, Christmas crafts, gifts and decor you can make

After months of writing, photographing, editing, re-editing, re-photograping and design the 100Things2Do Christmas craft book was released December 23rd (which broke my heart) because this book is FULL of awesome Christmas crafts, gifts and decor that you can make.

Now that we’re early November, with lots of time to […]

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Easy Magnetic Bookmarks

I don’t know what to tell you – it’s scrap paper and adhesive magnets


Not much to say as far as a tutorial goes, but clearly there are people out there that have been creating a marketplace for these super-simple magnetic bookmarks – and have been getting screwed!

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Book Nook – 17 of the coziest reading spots on the internet

There’s just something about Fall that brings out all of my animal instincts.  The urge to stockpile food for winter and start “nesting” before hibernating this winter.  Part of this pull is the idea of a cozy chair, warm lighting and a good book as the evenings become shorter and shorter.

Perhaps it’s just that I’ve been binge-reading Outlander

since the Season 2 finale.

If you’re not a reader and […]

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Book Review: All The Light We Cannot See ~Doerr

I bought this book as a teacher gift for the end of school next week, but it was sitting on my table beckoning me to open it…

So I did (sorry teachers).

Book Review: All The Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr

Beautifully written by an author, Anthony Doerr, with an eloquence second-to-none.  Every sentence, every moment, is painstakingly articulated to create voluptuous imagery and rotund characters.  It is easy to see why All The […]

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10 Must-read Books of Summer 2016

To help you with your patio, beach, vacay and/or evening reading, I thought I’d compile a list of the latest, and soon-to-be-released “Must-read books of Summer 2016”.

I haven’t read a single one, some won’t even be out until August, but I did a bit of research and compiled the top 10 (eleven really) books that all of the sites seem to be recommending.  When I write “all of the sites”, I’m including heavy hitters like the Washington Post, Huffington Post, […]

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