Faux Fur Pillows

All of the big design stores are touting their faux antlers, and faux fur pillows and throws right now.  I’ll pass on the antlers, but I do love the look of a cozy faux fur blanket and or pillow.  Something about it makes the couch extra-inviting.  It beckons you to light the fire, grab a cup and book and snuggle in for the night… and day… and night again.  I never want to leave.

Faux fur anything costs a fortune right […]

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Catnip toy – easy DIY

My Mom told me my blog was getting “boring”.  She meant it kindly and frankly I appreciate the truth of it.  I’m getting a bit bored myself.

I need to CREATE.  
Nothing extravagant or intricate – just something.
Winter in Canada is not very conducive to furniture painting – although my fingers […]

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How to make Thrift Store pillow covers

I had a CRAZY day yesterday.

I started out doing an interview for Londonpreneurs (more on that to come).
While I was out and about, I thought I’d see if I could find the toys that my girls are begging and pleading for – Littlest Pet Shops.
Not just […]

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Fabric Bins

So I’m still working on the first pair of jeans…
They really go a long way eh?

Today I thought I’d try to make a little fabric bin with handles.
You can use these to store yarn for knitting, or toys that need to be carried up or down stairs – really anything […]

Repurposed denim

A very kind friend stopped by the other night to drop off some old jeans her husband didn’t want anymore.

She called first – people don’t just randomly drop garbage on my front step and hope I can create something – she asked if I wanted them.

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Headrest iPad Holder DIY

Last week we were on a road trip up to a friend’s cottage about 2.5 hours away.

The girls are always good in the car and other than the occasional pit-stop for a potty break, they happily entertain themselves by playing or watching their iPads. 

little did we know that this time […]

Earbud Keychain

This is a small sewing project that takes no time at all, and can be done with any scrap material you have laying around.

I found a pin on Pinterest that has a photo tutorial, but it doesn’t give measurements and there is no link back to a blog for me to give credit to the author.

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