Why? My struggle with marketing.

This is a blog post I wrote in 2015 – so I’m not as thin and sexy (or even married) as I was back then…

who am I kidding – I’ve never been this thin and sexy (lol) but my conundrum/frustration is still valid – I think that marketing TO women is missing the mark.

(and yes – before you all rush to ask – I AM available for underwear modelling… with a mask and Doritos)

I have a bee in my bonnet.

I […]

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Blackheads

I get approached fairly regularly by companies that want me to share their products, images, stories etc. and while I believe that everyone needs a helping hand, not all the products fit with the meme of my blog (eg. “eyelash extensions imported from China”, “hot Russian chicks just for me” and a plethora of diet programs that I would never attempt myself)

Since I don’t use eyelash extensions, I’m not much into chicks – no matter how hot these Russian women are – and I […]

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The BEST Protein Bars in the world

“The BEST protein bars in the world” sound like a tall order to live up to?

BEST protein bars, protein bar recipe, chocolate protein bars, meal replacement bars, healthy snack, no-bake protein bars

You need to try these and tell me I’m wrong.  I don’t even like protein bars as a rule, but I’ve been snacking away on these like they were candy.  Truly, I even had one as dessert the other […]

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Bee Allergies

I’m allergic to bees.

Rather, I WAS allergic to yellowjackets, but am no more.

When I was in my 20’s I was stung several times after mowing over a yellow jacket nest that was hidden under the roots of a tree. (Did you know yellowjackets will build nests in the ground? Neither did I until this incident.)

Anyways, I immediately broke out into large hives all over my arms and chest. I’d been stung by the occasional bee as […]

15 Ways to Get More Vegetables into Your Diet

This is Lisa Austin and she is the owner of It Fits Personal Training.  I approached Lisa to ask if she would share some of her blog articles here on 100Things2Do and she said yes!  Better still, she is offering 100Things2Do readers a limited time, DISCOUNTED offer on her “21 Day Rapid Slim Down” program!  That would mean that if you start Monday, you could look better, feel healthier and be stronger by April […]

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Yoga for Beginners – Start Your Spring Training

As you may (or may not) know, I’ve been doing yoga two or three times a week for just over a year now.

It was nothing I was ever interested in trying – I mean, with a rear-end the size of mine, sticking it in the air seems cruel to fellow participants, not to mention my ego. I did sit through a class or two at the gym and was mortified at both my inflexibility and appearance in yoga pants […]

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Tfees Straws

This post came about because I was surfing Instagram and came across a post from Tammi at Tfees™ Straws.

The image was of a steaming cup of coffee (or tea) with this clear plastic straw in it – something like this:

Tfees Straws - to protect your teeth from staining, erosion and sensitivity

See that tiny little clear stick in the top of my mug? Pretty discreet right?

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