Holiday Home Tour 2017

It seems like every blogger in the universe is showcasing their Holiday Home Tour 2017.

I’ve been decorating, staging, photographing, moving things around, photographing, editing, photographing – and I cannot come close to the gorgeous homes and images of some of my blogging idols.

Mainly because my house is lived in and messy all most of the time,

partly because my house isn’t white on white on white,

somewhat because I’m not a fantastic photographer,

and a tinch because I don’t notice the little details […]

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One Room Challenge – the FINAL REVEAL!

Today’s final reveal day for the One Room Challenge and I’m so excited to show off my new space!

One Room Challenge - Fall 2017, ORC week 2, One room challenge week 2

But before I do, and for dramatic effect, let me remind you what the room looked like before:

Home office makeover, home office, ORC Challenge, One Room Challenge

This was Hubby’s sty […]

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My new and improved She-Shop!

There are two rooms in my house that I spend the majority of my waking hours in; my home office and my “She-Shop” (aka garage workshop) This was my She-shop: Garage workshop, workshop, she-shop, she shop, garage I’m alotted half of the garage for my workshop, and in that space I need to house my power tools, a workbench, my Jeep hardtop and any furniture/projects I’m in the midst of. In […]

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Fall Front Porch

I’ve plugged away at my Fall front porch for about a week now.

I haven’t done anything exceptional, because I didn’t really know what to put out to make my home feel warm and welcoming, so I’d set something out, move it around, take it back in and start again.

I think I’ve just about got it now – or at least I’m stopping now before it’s time to decorate for Hallowe’en – so I thought I’d share a few photos of […]

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Hosta Garden

I’ve finished my hosta garden!

I’m not sure I’ve planted everything correctly as far as spacing and colour are concerned, but I buckled down and finally got the garden leading into my backyard done.

Not a swoon-worthy project?

I know.  Not yet anyways.

But this garden has been a disaster for over a year now.  Last summer Hubby widened our walkway and created a patio extension to house our hot tub – which is gorgeous – but it also left two garden beds full […]

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Patio Makeover – Sweet William Sewing Style

It’s done!

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done! (sung in a ‘happy dance’ sort of voice).

My favourite room in the house is ready – and not only am I going to show it off, but I’m going to go outside and enjoy it once I’m done showing it off. I’m sorry, I’m too excited to contain the bragging.

Let me preface this by saying that my patio furniture is roughly 9 years old we got to fill the space when the […]

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Holiday Home Tour 2016

I was a little torn in posting this;

I LOVE my home. 

I love it in all it’s messiness and chaos – as far as I’m concerned this is my ‘forever home’…

but it’s not to the calibre of the images I see of other bloggers’ homes. At the very least, my photographic skills (while I am working on them) are not to the calibre of my favourite bloggers, so I feel self-conscious in showing this Holiday Home Tour to you.

On the other […]

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