Two Ingredient Pancakes

April 17th, 2015|JJ'S KITCHEN, RECIPES|

Because ‘banana scrambled eggs’ sounds gross.

These actually are quite good.  More of a crepe than a pancake.

Jen from JJ’s Kitchen sent me some beautiful photographs of her creating these little masterpieces, but when I tried to make them myself (quality control you know) they turned out less-than-stellar looking – so I thought I’d combine her “How to” and my “How not to” into one post.

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For anyone who frequents Pinterest as […]

Marinades for Chicken

February 6th, 2015|JJ'S KITCHEN, RECIPES|

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Meal planning and preparation is something that will make your life so much easier – it does take work, but once done, getting a healthy, delicious dinner on the table becomes so simple. It is also crucial for anyone trying to get healthy and/or lose weight. If your meals are carefully planned and executed, you are less likely to veer away from the plan.

My youngest is 8 months, and […]

Turkey Spaghetti Sauce

January 25th, 2015|JJ'S KITCHEN|