Pantry organizer for spice packets

Do you have dry mix packages cluttering up your your cupboards or pantry? This simple pantry organizer for spice packets will keep them organized.

I did a poll on Instagram recently about what content you would like to see more of on the blog.  Gratefully, the majority vote was “small builds”.  Whew!

There are some bigger builds coming this summer, but I was worried that I was letting you down with smaller projects, so it was a great relief to know I […]

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Lawnmower Storage / Snowblower Storage

Have large equipment in your garage or shed that is taking up needed space?  This simple lawnmower storage stand / snowblower storage stand puts the out-of-season tool up and out of the way creating double storage on the same footprint!!

 I can’t believe it’s only May 7th!

I have been hauling ass for the past month and my brain is telling me it must be almost June by now.  Time flies when you’re having fun (or need to meet a deadline).

I have […]

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CHEAP garage cabinets to organize your space

You want the look of the sleek, new, steel garage cabinets to organize your garage or shop, but can’t afford the price tag? Here’s your solution!

You guys!

You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS!!!

I am SO EXCITED about this idea that I only just finished organizing my garage yesterday and I’m already jumping on the computer to share the transformation!

So, you know my garage is my “She-Shop”.  I’d like to park my car in there, but it’s usually full of projects in […]

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Desk organizer lazy susan

January always brings on the urge to de-clutter and organize.  This cute desk organizer lazy susan was the perfect start to getting my desk in order and it’s a simple build made entirely with scrap wood!

Good morning my friends!

Happy 2021 (I hope) – or at the very least – Happy fresh start!

It’s a new year – with vaccines a reality!!  

I’ve also consumed just about all of the Holiday treats in my fridge, so just having those gone will constitute […]

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Face Mask Storage Rack

Looking for a way to organize face masks for easy grab-and-go, or home-and-remove?  Today I’m showing a simple mask storage rack you can make using dollar store items!

Good morning, good morning!!

I’m in a GREAT mood today – which is actually quite contrary to my cranky week.

Maybe it’s the Fall weather, maybe it’s that my window box over my garage is looking so spectacular (I think anyways) or maybe it’s because I’ve (finally) finished SO MANY outstanding projects that a weight […]

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Freestanding coat rack with shelves

You don’t need to have a fancy mudroom or a lot of space to keep kids’ gear organized and tidy for back-to-school…  this freestanding coat rack with shelves (I’m so excited about the shelves) offers a lot of storage on a very small footprint and the best part is you can build it really inexpensively with these free building plans!

Anyone else geek-out over back-to-school?

I got into my girls’ desks this morning and sharpened all of their pencil crayons and pencils […]

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Quick and easy pantry upgrade

We quadrupled the storage space of this tiny closet by using scrap wood pieces to give a dramatic pantry upgrade on a $0 budget!

Popping in with a quick post today… but one that SO MANY OF US could use!

Do you have a small cupboard in your house that you aren’t using to it’s full potential?

Come on, who doesn’t?

Instead of purchasing wire shelving and then battling with cuts and installation, try this quick and easy pantry upgrade using scrap pieces of […]

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