Making over Muskoka chairs

I’ve said this a thousand times, but I’ll say it again; if you have solid wood furniture, DON’T EVER, EVER get rid of it!  These Muskoka chairs are solid cedar – something not many can afford anymore – but all they needed was a little makeover to bring them back to new.

Not really a makeover, but I was looking for some alliteration in my title.

I’m sitting here, having just finished the refinish on the Muskoka chairs and I’m rewarding my […]

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CHEAP garage cabinets to organize your space

You want the look of the sleek, new, steel garage cabinets to organize your garage or shop, but can’t afford the price tag? Here’s your solution!

You guys!

You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS!!!

I am SO EXCITED about this idea that I only just finished organizing my garage yesterday and I’m already jumping on the computer to share the transformation!

So, you know my garage is my “She-Shop”.  I’d like to park my car in there, but it’s usually full of projects in […]

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Black bookcase stunner

A $30 find, patched, painted and finished with a bead board backing, turned into this black bookcase stunner!

Thursday I showed off the black desk makeover and gave a little sneak peek at the bookcase I refinished to make an office combo.

I won’t go through every single step again, if you want to know how I refinish furniture you can read the desk post or the “How to refinish furniture” post I […]

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Black desk makeover… to black?

This desk makeover is a bit different than the furniture makeovers I usually show… because I stripped it down and refinished it to the same colour.  Yup, an ugly and damaged black desk to a clean and almost-new black desk – that’s a great makeover!

There is a method to my madness though; first off,  I couldn’t stain this oak desk because there was just too much damage that had to be fixed and filled and stain wouldn’t have covered all […]

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Grandma’s corner cabinet makeover

This corner cabinet makeover took this piece from ornate and dated to crisp black and shaker-style with just a few pieces of trim, some wood filler and paint.

 I have had this corner cabinet (my grandmother’s) since my grandfather passed away about 25 years ago.

Grandma's corner cabinet

It was a gift from him to her and it’s beautiful.  I’ve had it on display everywhere I’ve lived and have had it chock-full of her china and […]

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Refinishing a side table – and my first circle round!!

A $10 table can look like a million bucks with just a bit of elbow grease and a hint of confidence.

Hellooooo my friends!

I have been chugging away in the background building a board and batten wall in my dining room, refinishing an old oak school chair, building a cabinet for my daughter’s guinea pigs and refinishing some bookcases that are going to be SPECTACULAR.  I’ve also been planning and plotting the rest of my dining room makeover, including refinishing my […]

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Kate’s nightstand

Sometimes making over furniture isn’t about a complete overhaul and hours of work.  Sometimes it’s a single surface that needs refinishing, like Kate’s nightstand, which looks like new with very little work.

Good morning!

Countdown to the weekend is on, and I’m just popping in with a quick project – a partial makeover really – to show you how to save furniture that might otherwise be in great shape – except for a spot or two.

Actually, I’m not sure what happened to […]

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