The most gorgeous garden mirror you’ll ever see

A repurposed cast iron grate turned stunning garden mirror brings more light, colour and interest to your garden.

I picked up this old cast iron grate on MaxSold (like an online garage sale) months and months ago.  It might even be a remnant from last summer if I’m being honest, but I was too nervous to tackle it because I knew removing the rust was going to be a BEAST of a job.

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DIY Candle Holders

Make a gorgeous vignette of candle holders for next-to-nothing by repurposing old furniture legs. 

Remember the coffee table I was working on the other day?  Well, project two of my repurposing/upcycling adventure was to take the legs from the table and make them into these beautiful, rustic candle holders.

Did I mention that these were completely free?  Free, fun and repurposing are three of my favourite things!

I got my destruction on by dismantling the worn out coffee table.

My FREE Family Command Centre

You don’t have to spend mucho-buckos to create a family command centre, in fact, our family command centre came in at a whopping $0!  Here’s how you can do it too!

I was futzing in the garage the other day and debating whether to refinish this free coffee table that a friend had dropped off.

Worn out coffee table, damaged coffee table, old side table

The colour was dated and the finish was pretty […]

Coastal Decor – flea market find

One of my favourite emails to receive are those from Birch Lane.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) they don’t ship to Canada, but that doesn’t stop me from pining over their perfectly styled photos of decor for your home.  It was one such photo that reminded me that I had these fishing weights tucked away, and how gorgeous they could look set out as some coastal decor on my patio.

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Starting seeds in newspaper pots

It’s May 2-4 weekend in Canada!  Woohoo!

Named “May two-four” not for the date itself, but because it’s the first long weekend of summer and if you are young (or can handle a hangover) then a 24 case of beer is in order.  I’m neither young, nor can I handle a hangover, so I’m spending part of my long weekend in the garden – planting the seeds I started in these simple newspaper pots.

Honey Nut Cheerios has/had a promotion going to […]

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10+ Ways to Use a Shower Caddy

I came across this cute little shower caddy at the dollar store the other day and I couldn’t help but think about what a great (and super-inexpensive) organizing solution this little baby is.

Think I’m nuts?

Let me show you just a few – because I’m sure there are dozens more – ideas for using a dollar store shower caddy:

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Before & After – Lego Table

This Lego table / Lego storage project took a long time.

Normally, I would have whipped out a nightstand in a day or two, but this one was well over a week – mostly because I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it.

This […]

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