Where did I go?

March 27th, 2017|For me, Uncategorised|

I’m sorry I was AWOL last week – I promise I wasn’t abandoning you for binge-watching Grace & Frankie (although I did do that) – last week was a bit crazy with “stuff to do”.

We went to Florida for March Break, so last week was all about ‘catch-up’ – the worst part of coming from vacation.

Swimming pool, Floridian 5 star, Florida

Yes, given that this was my vacay-view, I certainly won’t complain […]

To help you be MERRY

December 25th, 2016|Uncategorised|

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends.

All Natural Pet Food?! Only Natural Pet

November 3rd, 2016|Uncategorised|

This post is sponsored by PetSmart™ and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Only Natural Pet™ available at PetSmart™, but 100Things2Do.ca only shares information I feel is relevant to my readers. PetSmart™ and Only Natural Pet™ are not responsible for the content of this article.

I generally show projects on my blog, and every so often my kids, but I rarely show my fur-babies – which is wrong given that they are such a huge part of […]

Free Fall Screensavers / Fall Wallpapers

September 25th, 2016|DECOR, Uncategorised|

The blog post I did over the summer – the one where I gave links to a few sites that were giving away desktop wallpapers / screensaver – well, it is still getting traffic?!

Now that Fall has “officially” arrived, I thought maybe I’d try to create a few of my own for you to use.

For my  desktop wallpapers, I like a lot of white space to house my files.  I don’t want to cover over my daughter’s eyeball with blog images, or […]

Plants and Pets

September 22nd, 2016|100 LISTS, Uncategorised|

I’ve seen this listing of plants that are “Pet-friendly plants” and “Toxic plants for pets” at my Veterinarian’s office the past few times I’ve been.  Each time I’ve thought “this would make a GREAT blog post!”  I’ve taken photos with my iPad and made a mental note to post something…

Then I build something and forget (again, and again).

This time, my Vet gave me a tear-away page to bring home with me.

I’ve searched online and I cannot find the original version […]

Cozi Family Calendar – the solution to extracurricular mayhem!

September 7th, 2016|For me, ORGANIZE, Uncategorised|

I want to start this by saying this is NOT a sponsored post.  This is an app I came across in an effort to find a family-friendly calendar that can be accessed by everyone in our household, no matter where or on what machine (desktop and mobile) they were using.

Do you have a constantly fluctuating calendar?  One where from moment to moment new dates, events and plans need to be added, removed or edited?

We have the large MotherWord Magnetic Wall Calendar […]

Bee Allergies

August 29th, 2016|HEALTH/FITNESS, Uncategorised|

I’m allergic to bees.

Rather, I WAS allergic to yellowjackets, but am no more.

When I was in my 20’s I was stung several times after mowing over a yellow jacket nest that was hidden under the roots of  a tree.  (Did you know yellowjackets will build nests in the ground?  Neither did I until this incident.)

Anyways, I immediately broke out into large hives all over my arms and chest.  I’d been stung by the occasional bee as a child, but this […]

Nagging Projects…

August 3rd, 2016|ORGANIZE, Uncategorised|

Do you have a list of nagging projects?

Little things that need to get done, but you lack motivation to do, so they sit undone for months and months and possibly years?

I do.

For the most part I forget about them until I glance over and notice say…

Nagging projects - 1

that the satellite dishes that we attempted to use about 5 years ago (with very little success) are still hanging from the wall. […]

Free, Printable 18″ Doll Accessories

August 2nd, 2016|Uncategorised|

As I was saying the other day – the real reason I wanted to buy a laminating machine was to craft 18″ doll accessories for Chloe’s American Girl Doll.

She has been making little pouches and packets for months now (there are several YouTube channels specifically for crafting items for dolls), and she’s been using packing tape as her laminator – brilliant, but a tad difficult for little hands…. that’s where the laminator comes in!