My Mom told me my blog was getting “boring”.  She meant it kindly and frankly I appreciate the truth of it.  I’m getting a bit bored myself.

I need to CREATE.  
Nothing extravagant or intricate – just something.
Winter in Canada is not very conducive to furniture painting – although my fingers are twitching to do some – but the paint doesn’t go on well and it takes four times as long to dry etc.

You’ve seen I’ve done some cooking and baking lately, but that disappears so quickly – there is no long-term gratification for my effort (yes, I have an immature brain).

It’s time to futz and putz and make something.

Today, (royal trumpets sounding) a cat toy.  (wilting trumpet sound)

Not exciting, but easy and actually pretty gratifying when you see your pets playing with it.

Plus, it’s repurposing, and I love that!

All you’ll need is an old pair of jeans (or any tough material) a bit of quilting and some catnip.

quilting and old pair of jeans

I cut the leg off of the jeans.

leg section of jeans

Cut out the seams and you will be left with two flat pieces.
I cut them both to be the same size and doing so gave me a leftover strip of material – you’re going to want this.

two pieces of denim

Take that narrow, left over strip and fold it in half.  Place the folded end on the short edge of one of your leg pieces (right side up), then fold the leg piece over top so that your narrow bit is sandwiched in between the two.

Cat nip toy 04

Sew along the short edge of the leg making sure to capture the folded edge.
On the long side of the material, you want to avoid capturing the extra piece.

Cat nip toy 05

You only need to sew two sides – leave the other end open for turning.

Cat nip toy 06
Make sure to reinforce your seams – most cats like to bunny-kick these toys, so it could fray and come apart if not double-stitched.

Turn right side out and it should look something like this with the narrow (folded) scrap piece hanging out.

Cat nip toy 07

Cut that narrow bit into strips.

chewed container of catnip

This is where you might find you get some help with your craft…. they seem to be able to smell catnip a mile away don’t they?  My two have gone so far as to try to chew through the plastic container to get at it. lol

Cat nip toy 10

Sprinkle catnip on your quilted piece.  You don’t need precise measurements for this because it’s going to be folded and stuffed into the tube, so just wing-it.

Fold in half and then roll the quilting up into a tight tube.  (see the cat feet at the top edge of the photo)

Cat nip toy 11

Then stuff inside your denim.

Cat nip toy 12

Fold the open end closed and stitch shut – no fancy hems needed.

Cat nip toy 13

Easy-peasy right?

Cat nip toy 14

I’d say it’s a hit!

Cat nip toy 17

You’ll still have another piece of denim left over from the leg we cut, so  make one for a friend, or neighbour or drop one off to your local shelter.

Total time = 8 minutes.


Have a great one!

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