I tried two versions of this; 
The first with a fabric backing and paper insert and the second one the opposite.

While the fabric backed one has a nicer finished look, the paper backed one has more rigidity.

If I were to make another, I think I’d make one in-tray per cereal box, doubling up by inserting one half of the cereal box into the other for strength.

Having said that, here’s the how-to!

Once you’ve cut one corner on an angle (for the front edge of the tray), use the cut piece to mark the other side so that both are exactly the same. 

 Wrap like you would a gift.

 You want to have overhang on the inside edges so that it will give you a nice, clean finish.

 I slipped a piece of paper into the tray and pushed with my finger to make scoring lines as to where the edges would be.

I then cut out a notch in the two corners where the lines overlapped.

Glue into place.

Version 2 using paper:

 Wrapping the paper version may require a couple of pieces of paper.

For mine I cut a separate sheet to cover the back edge – remembering to tuck it under the other piece so the back has a nice smooth pattern.

In piecing it this way you will have a small gap at the corners 

 I just cut contrasting corner pieces to make it look like decorative leather corners.

Then lay your alternative paper/fabric in the centre and glue down. 

Repurposing, recycling and reducing waste!
(Plus, it’s super cute!)

  Have a great one!

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