Chalk Couture – Screen printing you can do at home!

Have you ever been curious to try screen printing? What if I told you it’s something you can easily do in your own home with these pre-made Chalk Couture transfers?  I went to a really neat class last weekend and got to play around a bit and had to share.

I guess I should start with “this is NOT a sponsored post” – I don’t work for the company or earn any monies by telling you about this (not that I would lie about a product anyways) – this is just about sharing something I came across that I think you might like as well.

Chalk Couture is a screen printing process/program/craft that you can do AT HOME!

Yup, want to run off 12 t-shirts for an upcoming party or get-together – you can screen print them right at home!

Want Rae-Dunn-esque mugs without having to search for the perfect word at every HomeSense/HomeGoods in the world?  Make your own!  Heck, you can even personalize it so that it looks like it was custom made for you!  (because it was!)

Let me show you – although the photos are from my iPad and you might not be able to see the detail as well…

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

This is the Christmas Tree Patterns from Chalk Couture and the “transfer” comes with 5 different designs.  Chalk Couture calls them “transfers” and they appear to be “stencils” but they are in fact images that you run chalk paint over and screen print.

What you can’t see in this image is the tiny clear mesh that is holding all of the elements of this transfer in place – but when you wipe (screen print) the chalk paint over the transfer, all of the areas that appear white will be painted.

If you were using a Silhouette or Cricut to create this – you’d have to cut and use a new sheet of adhesive vinyl every time you wanted this stencil.  With Chalk Couture, you just wash this one down with water and use it over and over again!

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

The class I went to was for decorating wood shapes with these patterns – you can cut your own, or if you aren’t comfortable with a saw – there are pre-cut shapes and frames and shirts and cases that you can get through the company.

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

These Christmas trees are pretty darn cute without any screen printing, so I left one side white and then applied the transfer to the other side to give me decor options:

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

This year’s Christmas tree is brown (naturals) and white – and since I don’t have very many decor pieces to tie in with that, I decided to Chalk Couture some!

Wipe on the paint with a squeegee, then remove the transfer.

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Okay, those aren’t really mine – but you get the idea right?  And you can make dozens of each because you are able to wash down the transfer with water and start again!

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Look at the variations!  Same transfers, but different tastes and styles – this is SO NEAT!

The class I took was strictly Christmas trees – appropriate for the season – but my friend Cheryl had dozens of items sitting out that she’d made:

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Pillows that will survive the wash (with a little fabric medium mixed with the chalk paint).

Look at the detail on this reindeer – every hair!

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Chalk Couture, Reindeer sleigh rides

Signs (and chalkboard signs) that you can remake over and over;

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Chalk Couture isn’t limited to Christmas either – you can create decor items for any season and any reason – I LOVE this coffee sign.  The gradient is beautiful!

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Yes, did you notice the Rae Dunn mugs – that aren’t actually Rae Dunn?  Chalk Couture offers a font that looks just like Rae Dunn called “Hand Written” – so you can pair whatever letters you want together and label everything to your heart’s content!

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Cheryl found these mugs at the dollar store and treated them (baked them so the chalk would become permanent) and has these cuties to show!  The glass milk bottles in the background are also Chalk Couture transfers.

Chalk Couture, screen printing at home,

Tea towels, baby clothes and bibs, pillows… it’s such a great concept and really fun to try – especially if you’ve never screen printed before (which I hadn’t).

If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas that are different, handmade and relatively easy to make – you really need to check out the Chalk Couture website.

I could see this becoming very, VERY addictive!

Have a great one!

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  1. Nancy Johnson November 17, 2019 at 10:59 am - Reply

    What a great idea..! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennifer November 17, 2019 at 3:22 pm - Reply

    Went to the craft show in Ilderton Thursday night and they were there. Was checking it out. looks fun!

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