It didn’t seem fair to leave you with a sandwich board (you made one yesterday right?) and just a crappy cup of hot cocoa as the art work on your new Christmas decor piece – but I can’t draw.  Not well anyways.  The mug from yesterday’s post was actually one of my better drawings and I’ll admit, it was less-than-pinnable.

So, how to you make those great chalkboard signs if you don’t have the God-given talent?  I did some research and found out how some of those not-quite-experts-but-you-wouldn’t-know-its do it…..  and it’s easy.

A tad time consuming, but easy.

First off, you want to find an image or text that you want to put on your board.  I found this free printable from Hoosier Homemade and blew it up on our home printer.

Chalkboard art - 2

Next, you’ll need to cover the back of the paper with chalk.  Any colour – it doesn’t matter – as long as the back of the words and images is completely coated.

Carefully place your printout/s back onto your chalkboard and trace out each letter – I found using a coloured pencil crayon worked better because you could clearly see where you’d been and where you still needed to trace.  Don’t worry about little scuffs and fingerprints etc.  This is not your finished product – this is just giving you a template to trace over.


Chalkboard art - 4

For the most dramatic, and longest lasting effect, you’ll want to buy some “chalkboard markers”.  They are liquified chalk that go on thick and don’t scuff.  They have the added benefit of not wiping off with sleeves or cloths or other chalkboard erasers – they can only be erased with a bit of water.

They come in a huge array of colours if you want something more vivid – but I liked the white to keep with the rustic chalkboard feel.

Trace over your chalk lines starting at the top and working your way down.  Once you’ve traced the entire thing you can carefully wipe off excess chalk dust.

How to create your own professional-looking chalkboard art - when you don't have any talent whatsoever.

You can tell that my image wasn’t sized properly for my chalkboard, so I wiped it all off with a damp cloth and started again – this time with a blueprint from Staples sized to 18″ by 24″.  (printing cost – $1.47)

Chalkboard art 5

Much better!

I’m posting this as a Christmas craft, but this sandwich board chalkboard can really be used all year – indoors and out.  Announce a birthday, post a menu, let the kids draw and play, sketch out building plans…

my favourite though is the chalk art (chalkboard art) – no one (that doesn’t read this blog) will ever know that you aren’t this incredibly talented chalkboard artist.

Chalkboard art 6

It makes a gorgeous front porch decor piece to share some joy with friends and neighbours.

Chalkboard art 7

How to create your own professional-looking chalkboard art - when you don't have any talent whatsoever.


Have a great one!


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