I’m not sure if you have Chapters Indigo in other countries or not?

It’s the equivalent of a Barnes & Noble – but for Canadians.

Beyond it’s massive selection of books, magazines and e-readers (Kobo), it also carries certain novelty home and gift items.

Every time I go into the store I can’t help but thumb through all of their displays of pristine notebooks, super-soft throws, whimsical place settings and inspirational mugs.

I’ll be honest and say I want it all.

But, like most of us (regardless of country) I can’t afford it all.

Case in point – these rustic wood coasters:

Chapters Indigo wood coasters

Does $14.50 seem a bit crazy to you?

Okay, okay – our dollar is trading against the U.S. Dollar at roughly the equivalent of a peso – so perhaps this is affordable elsewhere – but to me this seemed a bit out of hand…

we are talking 4 slices of a branch here….

especially when I have this:

Tree branch

Yup, you’re looking at coasters-in-the-making.

This branch has been lying in my Dad’s backyard since the tornado last year, so while it’s still not completely dried out, it has had a long time to make a go of it.

I need to stop here and warn you – if you try this at home, please, please, PLEASE wear protective eyewear.  Even for those of us that stupidly ‘live on the edge’ and don’t wear glasses while working power equipment – you really need to with this project.  Bits of bark and debris fly off in all directions.

Off the soapbox now.

Glasses on, I created a flat surface with the initial cut and then continued cutting slices at about every 3/4″.  (2cm)  You could make them thinner if you are tired of your fingers being attached, but I’d be concerned that they’d be too weak to stand up to the condensation from wet glasses.

Mitre saw cutting a large tree branch into coasters

So far so good!

Tree branch coaster

The branch had rotted a bit in the middle, but I think it gives it character.

I tried cutting with the grain of the branch as well, just to see if I liked the look better:

Branch Coasters 4

I’m not sure – they’re both rustic and eye-catching.

I did sand the slices down to get a smooth surface, and then applied a coat of varnish to the top, bottom and the bark edges in an effort to keep it protected and intact.

Branch coasters, wood coasters

Now the true test…

A coaster is only any good if it can hold a drink – LEVEL.

Branch coasters - level glass test.

No photo-editing folks – this one is perfect!

(I will confess that there is one that is slightly off, but it makes me laugh, so I’m keeping it.)

Branch coasters

I really wanted the $24.50 wood chargers, but I couldn’t get my Dad or Hubby to bring out the chainsaw and cut them for me.

Another DIY knock-off and another item in our Autumn decor line up!

DIY Tree branch / wood coasters



Have a great one!

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