I’m so excited.
I know, I’m always excited – but today I’m REALLY excited!
I just opened my own store!
An online store – but a store nonetheless!

Check out what I’m selling:

Punch today in the face mugI saw this saying online somewhere and I just LOVED it.

Motivation to take on the world – ‘kick ass and take names’ sort of thing.  Tell me that doesn’t go with your morning coffee/tea?

Punch Today in the Face t-shirt

Then you need the coordinating t-shirt to go with it.  I was kind of thinking of buying a really large size and using it as a sleep shirt?  It comes in different colours too – I just wanted to show you the clearest image.

Do you remember the movie “Sixteen Candles”?

There was a scene where a drunk Long Duck Dong fell out of a tree…

What's happening hot stuff mug

This just makes me laugh.  I need both the giggle and the compliment first thing in the morning – don’t you?

One of my most popular posts of all time is my 100 Random Acts of Kindness – so it just seems fitting to create a product with it as well right?

The front:

100 Random Acts of Kindness shirt




(Images are much crisper on the items – I had to work from print screens to get these for the post.)

100 Random Acts of Kindness shirt


What about the 100 Things 2 Do This Summer shirt – FOR KIDS!

Not only can they wear it, they can also check off items as you do them and then keep the shirt as a keepsake of both your summer and their size!  Kind of like saving baby clothes!

100 Things 2 Do This Summer shirt

This one is for me.

This is my life – so why not make a t-shirt out of it?

DIYeutifuland it comes in different colours!

The front says DIY Diva and the back has the list (above).

I’m going to order one in every colour!

DIY Diva t-shirt


I’ll add more items to the store as time goes on – but what do you think?!

Isn’t this SO AWESOME!

Across the top of the blog you’ll see the page “SHOP” – click over and see all of the colours and options.

Don’t like what you see here, but want the design on something else?

The designs themselves are uploaded so you can create your own sweatshirts, flip flops, travel mugs, iPhone cases…

Go play…


(Note:  Spreadshirt.ca makes and distributes the products from their warehouse.  I (100Things2Do) receive a small commission on each item sold)



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