In case you can’t tell from my previous posts I am an animal lover.

I have almost always had a pet, and frankly, I can’t imagine a home feeling complete without one (or more).

When we lost Milo a few months ago, it felt like something was missing.  Our little man of course, but more than that – we have a lot of love to give, and it seemed wrong to just leave a void when there are so many animals in need.

So, while Hubby was at work, and the girls were at Grandma’s I did this:

A FEMALE orange tabby – pretty rare – and a perfect fit for our family!

I’d show you Hubby’s reaction, but this is a PG blog and his original response started with “WTF” – so I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.  Seems he was happy not giving out extra love (or paying extra vet bills – 6 of one, half dozen the other).

In order to choose names, we’ve fine-tuned a fair method;

we have three days to come up with as many names as we’d like.

At the end of the three days, we sit down at the table and write out each name on a piece of paper.

The fair way to choose a pet's name

From the pile of names, everyone is able to veto one name that they really don’t like.

The best way (and most fair) to choose a pet's name

If there are still a lot of names left, we each get another veto and that name is pulled from the pool.

I guess Hubby still isn’t over the fact I surprised him with another pet – his submissions are “Turd” and “Alimony” – very quickly vetoed by all of us.

I put in Lomi as a mix-up of Milo’s name – but had no takers.

Choosing a pet's name

Once you are down to the last few names, everyone gets to vote on their favourite – most votes determines the name.

Choosing a pet's name

I will fully admit to “fixing” the draw.  I had been calling the kitten Phoebe, Feebs, Fee-bop-a-ree-bop for the full three days, so the kids started to as well.  lol

Hey, I lost out on the dog – Lacey was supposed to be “Bernice”, so I don’t feel entirely badly.

I think little Phoebes is going to fit in just fine.

London Humane Society – and all rescue societies I’m sure – have an abundance of cats and kittens needing forever homes.  If you have some extra love to give, check them out and help save a life!

Have a great one!

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