This is the time of year when we start to use Santa for leverage.
He’s our bargaining chip from mid-November until Christmas Eve – and then we’re SOL.

Come December 1st we bring to life “Candy Cane” – our little Elf on the Shelf – but before then I need a visual reminder to keep behaviour in-check.

Enter Ang at Visions Graphic Artistry!

She’s come up with a Christmas Countdown that you can use year after year beginning anytime at all!

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 2.27.42 PM

I couldn’t wait to get mine out and on display.

You can either print and laminate this or, and this is what I did, was print it on my home printer and then use a frame I had sitting unused.

Visions countdown 1

The great thing about this file – is that it’s a pdf – which means that no matter how large or small you print it, the images will never get grainy!
I needed a 4.5″ x 6.5″ to fit my frame;

Visions countdown 2

Tuck it behind the glass, seal it up and get your dry-erase marker out to start the countdown!

Visions countdown 4

I have it on my nightstand here, but I’m thinking it might be better placed where they do homework?  Or maybe next to their beds for when they don’t want to go to sleep?
Or on the dining table for when they don’t want to eat what we’ve made for supper?

I may need to print several. lol

Visions countdown 5

Teachers – this would be a great thing for the classroom!  Print it up poster-sized and have it laminated and you can use it year after year, or print individual ones for each child in the class and have them update the number on it right about the time they start to get spastic in class?

To get your image click this link to go directly to the Visions Graphic Artistry Facebook page.

Scroll through her posts – she has printable birth announcements and she does the most adorable birthday invites ever!

Blue-eyed girl elf
Blue-eyed boy elf
Dark hair & eyes elf

Have a great one!

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