I am the Goddess of Amazingness!

I (miraculously) figured out how to embed a functioning excel worksheet into my blog.

Yup, no computer training beyond keyboarding in high school.

IF this Christmas Gift Calculator works when this post goes live, I will absolutely set up a tutorial so you can create one yourself… I just need to make sure it functions outside of the draft version (fingers crossed).

The reason for this?

I’ve seen all kinds of printable sheets online that help you keep track of your Christmas budget and gift recipients – but they are all “print, write then calculate”. I love being able to use a calculator on my computer. You may be interested to know that you can also find a percent error calculator online too.

THIS spreadsheet will do the calculations for you!

I use excel every year as my own gift-tracker – it helps me see whom I have gifts for and whom I’ve forgotten. It also helps me keep track of money spent on each person and in total – which is essential for Christmas budgeting. I need to see the grand total someplace to know how much shit debt I’m going to be in when the credit card statement arrives.

Before I let you loose to play with the Christmas calculator – let me show you some key areas (so you don’t break it)

  1. The titles for each section (raspberry) are totally customizable. Enter names, nicknames, inmate numbers, license plates whatever you need to identify your recipients.

Christmas gift online calculator

  1. The beige text areas are for you to enter the gift itself and then next to it is a box for you to enter the money spent (or to be spent). Your tab button or mouse will take you from box to box – don’t worry that you can’t see the gridlines.

Christmas gift list 2

  1. This is important: DON’T type anything in the bold raspberry currency boxes or the “Grand total” box at the bottom. These boxes contain formulas to help calculate the total spent on each person (in the raspberry) and the grand total spent over all of your recipients (in black). If you touch these boxes you will erase the formula and you’ll have to start again. I couldn’t lock the formulas in or you wouldn’t be able to use the rest of the spreadsheet – sorry about that.

Christmas gift online calculator

Time to play!

Give the Christmas calculator a shot and see if it’s not the BEST THING EVAH!

Save it to your desktop, print it off, or come back tomorrow with friends and try again – it will still be here!

When is the last time a blogger gave you a functioning calculator on their site? Never?

That’s why you need to tell everyone you meet that I am the “Queen of Blogging” and they have to, need to and absolutely want to follow me.

(as long as the Christmas calculator is functioning that is – if it isn’t, you may have to leave me a comment so I can eat my words fix it before anyone else notices)

Christmas gift calculator - an online calculator that you can use to keep track of your Christmas gift purchases and budget!

Have a great one!

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