I took a break from building yesterday – and although it caused me physical distress to NOT play with wood – I was able to appease my twitches by whipping out a paper village for my sofa table.

If you saw my post on my tea light house (fail) then you’ll know how much I’ve been pining for white tea light houses… without the price tag that seems to accompany them.

Enter the Goddess of paper crafts – Lia Griffith.  I love this woman.  Perhaps I should say I love her entire team.  They come up with something new every day and offer up the pdf or svg files so you can make them at home!  I don’t have a Cricut cutter, but I’m able to transfer the svg files to my Silhouette (e-me if you need instructions) so that my Cameo can do all of the work for me!

Craft your own Christmas Village - out of paper!

Don’t worry if you don’t have  a cutting machine – the pdf files are available to print and cut out by hand.  It will take a bit longer, but the results will be equally spectacular.  There are templates for three different houses and a couple/few Christmas trees.

You can resize your image to whatever you like – I chose to fit one house per 12×12″ sheet.

Once you have all of your pieces cut, you’ll want to glue some vellum behind the windows.  It just gives that warm glow that you see as you drive around during the Holidays.

Paper Village 2

There are score lines indicated on the templates, so just fold away and glue – I found hot glue worked best because it dried very quickly so you’re not stuck holding each bit in place.

Look at this cottage!  Complete with bay window, door cut out and there’s even icicles on the roof!

Paper Village 3

The paper I used was a combo pack from Michael’s, and I didn’t realize that it only had two sheets of each pattern – so that’s why the mish mash of patterns.  It’s a foil silver and white, so even when the paper village isn’t glowing, you will still get the reflection from the sun in the daytime or other lights in the house at night.

Paper Village 5

Paper Village 6

Now check them out at night!

Paper Village 7

I moved them around a bit until I found a place to display them – I have them lined up on my sofa table interspersed with some mercury glass and pine cones.

They are SO PRETTY!

Paper Village 8

I’m going to go broke on all of the battery-operated candles in my house this year – but come on… tell me it isn’t worth it?

Paper Village 9

Thank you Lia Griffith (and team)!

Craft your own Christmas Village - out of paper!


Note:  You need to subscribe to Lia Griffith in order to access the printable files.  The subscription is $5 per month and as a subscriber, I can tell you it’s MORE than worth it!


Have a great one!


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