I love graphic designers.
I admire, envy, am awestruck by and aspire to be a graphic designer.

But my talent lies more in plagiarizing than in originality.

That’s why I love Minted.com

I could surf that site all day long.

I just can’t afford to buy anything on that site.

The cards are not that expensive really – the one I was looking at was $2.03 per card, but the minimum order is 100 and then you have to factor in shipping, taxes and duty.
There would definitely be a homicide in my house if I spent $300 on Christmas cards.

So I have to improvise.

God bless Picmonkey.com!

I futzed around with a few designs that I liked:



Just for curiosity’s sake, I uploaded these to Staples and found that I could get 100 for $84 plus tax.

Costco would only let you insert a photo into one of their pre-designed ones – and that came to $99.90 +tx for 100 cards.
I know professionally designed ones would be better quality.
I know pre-designed ones would be easier.
But then you’d lose out on making a card that’s truly yours:

I mean, everyone should have a mustache for Christmas right? 

Special thanks and recognition to the amazing talents of Helen McMillan Photography for all of my gorgeous family photos.
Love you Helen!

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Have a great one!