The continuation of yesterday’s post…

I forgot to give you the measurements for each of the blocks yesterday…


Grenadine Road knock-off - Believe blocks

Here is the breakdown by letter:
(all wood is 2″ deep)
H/B – 7.25″W x 11″H     18.41cm x 27.94cm
A/E – 5.5″W X 7″H         13.97cm x 17.78cm
U/L – 5.5″W x 11″H        13.97cm x 27.94cm
N/I – 7″W x 8.5″H           17.78cm x 21.59cm
T/E – 5.5″W X 7″H         13.97cm x 17.78cm
E/V – 5.5″W x 11″H        13.97cm x 27.94cm
D/E – 5.5″W X 7″H         13.97cm x 17.78cm

You could make these larger or smaller – any size you want – but for a true knock-off, these are the measurements.

One error I made when making mine was not putting the mod podge all over the letters before adhering them to the blocks.

Grenadine Road knock-off - Believe blocks

I thought I’d smoothed them out enough that it wouldn’t matter, but the letters did bubble up a bit and I ended up having to re-glue them down.
Just trying to save you a small step in the process.

Again, this is just one coat of the sparkle mod podge:

Grenadine Road knock-off - Believe blocks

What do you think?
I even figured out that they used Times New Roman as the font choice.
(I’m such a plagiarist!)

I’ll still have to decorate around it, but I’m awfully pleased with myself.

I’m thinking above my dining room cabinet maybe? (heaven forbid I block the remote).

And then maybe as teacher gifts?

Grenadine Road knock-off - Believe blocks

Amazing Amy came up with her own version – look at how stunning this looks on her mantle:

It goes so perfectly with the star doesn’t i?

Instead of Hallowe’en, her other side is usable all year long:

Only problem with the Craft Crew – I usually end up envious over what they’ve made…  case in point above.

I did figure out the cost of making these over buying them and it breaks down like this:

2 x 6 = $5.11
2 x 8 = $9.12  (I bought two because of creating several of these)
2 x 10 = $11.15
2 tester pots of Behr paint = $3.99 each
Sparkle Mod Podge = $8.39  ($13.99 without 40% off coupon)
Total:  $50.87

Broken down to ~48 pieces of wood (48 letters) = $1.06 each

So, to make the “Believe” sign on one side and the “Haunted” on the other side, I paid $7.42

To buy both sets from Grandin Road would cost $90.78

Well worth a little effort I’d say!




 Have a great one!

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