Are you putting up your Christmas tree this weekend?

I usually hold off until December 1st before putting mine up – out of respect for Chloe’s birthday – but this year she opted for a weekend trip instead of a party, so I was able to put my tree up early.  (YAAAAY!)

Each year I try to change things up a bit – not by spending a fortune and re-outfitting the entire tree – by using what I have and adding a handmade touch here and there to give me a different look.

In 2013 we went with pinks, blues and greens – bright, bold and perfect for the bright eyes of  a 6 and 7 year old.

Christmas Tree - bright bold and full of colour

Last year (2014) Chloe helped me with the tree and decided we needed a green and white theme:

Christmas Tree - green and white

Most of the ornaments are the same, but I brought in handmade bows and removed the pinks and blues.

This year I wanted a more ‘rustic’ Christmas tree – something with warm reds and wood bits:

Christmas tree - red and rustic

This is where my patchwork stars came in, and I added some red birdhouses to the mix.  These were in the $1 bin at Michael’s and I know I’ve seen them at the dollar store as well.  I just added a coat of ($1) craft paint and some sparkle and hung them.  Grand total $9 for 8 of them.

Dollar store birdhouses painted red

A few pinecones for a natural feel – they are just sitting on the branches.

Christmas tree - rustic

A few ribbons – although I think I’ll end up adding more (and larger) bows – and I snuck a snowman into the branches as well.

Christmas tree - red and rustic

That’s it!  The rest of the ornaments were on the first two trees, but with these small edits it looks like a completely new Christmas tree!

Christmas tree - red and rustic

We still have a kitten in the house, so the lower branches have to remain “bald” or my tree will become one giant cat toy.

Christmas tree - three versions

Change your tree up this year – $0-minimal budget and a lot of imagination can give you a completely different look.

Have a great one!