I’ve been surfing Pinterest again (uh oh!) and it’s come to my attention that I’ve been decorating the house all wrong….
Christmas decorating that is.

I was putting my little tchotchkes and ornaments here and there and incorporating them into my existing decor.
Turns out, the “correct” way to decorate is to create little vignettes here and there.
Clear out your regular items and create little “vignettes” (strategically placed and visually appealing groupings) in different locations.

I’m not sure I have it down yet – but here are a few of my attempts:

two metal reindeer standing on either side of a basket filled with candles and pine

A little basket of pine, candles and a giant mercury glass ornament on the sofa table.

basket filled with pine branches, candles and a giant mercury glass ornament

I was planning on cleaning off all of my bookshelves and re-staging them with Christmas items – but I have to be honest and say it looked like too much work.  
Maybe I’ll start earlier next year.

red wood blocks spelling out the word "NOEL"
ceramic santa figurine standing next to a glass vase filled with pine cones and red balls

These guys are a vignette in themselves I think?  These are my singing angels and I love them so much, I leave them out all year.

figurines of three singing angels

Does this count as a vignette?

photograph of fireplace with stockings hung from the mantle and television above

This last one is a “vignette of candy”

candy covered gingerbread house made by children

My Aunt makes these gorgeous gingerbread houses and each year she comes over to make one with the girls.
Of course she was mortified at this creation (no doors, windows, icicles, pathway etc) – but I reassured her that the real goal of any gingerbread house is to cram as many candies onto it as possible.  The memory you’re creating is excitement and childhood dreams (of candy gluttony) – not perfection over the architectural details.
Frankly, the girls left it a little sparce for me, so I ramped up their candy vignette by squeezing more M&M’s into every nook and cranny. lol

I like the idea of vignettes, but I need more….

How about curated vignettes interspersed with Wannabe-Griswold decorating?



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