Clean car hack

I love my car.
I wrote an entire post about how much I love my car.
I also love my kids,
and I love food (Starbucks in particular) and all of my loves don’t meld well.

I’ve had to give up on my shiny clean, smells fresh, always vacuumed car for spilled Starbucks and Timbit crumbs everywhere. I’ve always believed maintenance for your car is important but I sometimes bypassed the need to give it a good clean every now and again.
Turns out you can’t have everything – two out of three isn’t bad right?
Maybe one days I’ll manage to keep my car clean inside and out, but that day might be a little while away. Nevertheless though, just because I am struggling to keep my car clean doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to keep your car clean though. Besides, I really have no excuse anymore, particular as it’s so easy to clean now (I mean just take a look at this best electric pressure washer for cars – easy right?). I really have no excuse. But…. I just don’t have time to do the outside of my car, but what I have recently come across is something that is absolutely fantastic for keeping the inside of my car clean. Something which I thought was nearly impossible.

Until now…

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I saw this FANTASTIC clean car hack for keeping your centre console a bit tidier, and I need tidier:
This actually isn’t too bad – there has previously been an entire layer of hot chocolate lining the bottom of those cup holders.

Clean car hack, keeping your car clean, lining your cup holder, clean cup holders, car hack

Check this out:

Silicone cupcake holders.
Flexible, washable and…

Clean car hack, keeping your car clean, lining your cup holder, clean cup holders, car hack
They fit perfectly into you car cup holders!

Now if you spill or get crumbs, you don’t have to go through the big production of vacuuming and then getting the cleaners out and scrubbing away until all the gunk is gone.
Just pull the cupcake liner out, shake it, or wash it in the house, and return to your car!

Depending on the size of the cups you put into your holder the liners might stick to the bottom and lift out – but it’s a small thing for a clean car hack that will save you so much energy overall.

Paper won’t be as effective because they deteriorate with moisture – so sweat covered water bottles or drive-through cups will leave you with a soggy paper mess to clean out – more work instead of less.

Amazon sells silicone cupcake liners for about $6 a dozen, so you can use your clean car hack in your car, your Hubby’s car, your parents’ and even your friends’. (Alternatively, you could just bake cupcakes with the extra to celebrate.)

What do you think?
Brilliant or brilliant?

Now I just need to clean out the rest of that crap.

Have a great one!

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