If you’re at all like me, going to bed brings up all of the should have’s, and to-do’s from the day. The mental checklist starts and the feeling of being overwhelmed with all there is to do won’t let you relax and doze off.

What about changing that up with a feeling of accomplishment? Gratification for a job done, and less anxiety in the mornings?

Simple tips for a clean kitchen, clean kitchen check-list, prep your kitchen the night before, easy mornings with a clean kitchen

Follow this simple clean kitchen checklist each evening to get your kitchen in shape for a (relatively) stress-free morning:

  1. Load the dishwasher. Just picking up sippy-cups and snack plates from around the house and emptying out the sink will clear enough clutter to help you sleep better. This has the added advantages of reducing the likelihood that pests will come in the night (think ants, fruit flies etc), and running the dishwasher at bedtime will also be more cost-effective. Many hydro companies offer reduced rates for off-peak usage – so save your sanity and a few bucks at the same time.
  2. Now that your sinks are empty, it’s a great time to run the garburator to clear out any remnants from dinner. Did you know that garbage disposals and dishwashers tend to run off of the same pipe? This means that smells in your disposal will feed directly into your dishwasher – yuck! Run it for about 30 seconds with hot water and you will clean it out and help your dishwasher be more energy efficient by pre-heating the water source. Now’s a good time to wipe out your sinks as well. This process may not even take you that long, especially if you already have a hot water dispenser in your kitchen, as it can provide you with hot water at a significantly quicker rate. Check them out yourself by having a look at this “Water Filter Way: a guide on instant hot water dispensers” article to see if you find one that you like. This should ensure that daily tasks can be completed faster. Who doesn’t want to have access to instant hot water anyway?

  3. Wipe down your counters, backsplash and faucets – and don’t forget to dry them. Bacteria grow best in moisture, so just wiping your counter can actually lead to bacteria growth. You’re better to wipe down and then dry the surfaces to eliminate as much moisture as possible. Clean surfaces will give you that clean kitchen feel.

  4. Give your appliances a light wipe and dry as well. We’re not talking a full-fledged scrub down, just a wipe with water (and dry) to eliminate sticky spots, crumbs and oils. If you have an ENJO kitchen glove, you can wipe down all of your appliances (bacteria free) in a matter of 2 minutes.

  5. Cupboards take a beating as well – dirty hands on handles, dust, spatter, grease, even steam from nearby kettles or cooktops add up quickly. Giving high-traffic spots a quick wipe before bed will lessen build up.

Simple tips for a clean kitchen

Simple tips for a clean kitchen, clean kitchen check-list, prep your kitchen the night before, easy mornings with a clean kitchen

  1. Sweep the floors. I know, who wants to sweep before bed? This is really more of a spot clean than anything else. Save the full sweep to once per week followed by a mopping. For daily purposes, just wipe up crumbs and drips from high traffic areas. Even a few small bits of pet food or crumbs near the garbage can can result in an ant army by morning… and once they’re in, they won’t stop at the floors.
  • In an effort to be more “green” (see the Earth Day post here), I hope you’ve started to compost. Some items that would have previously gone into the garburator or garbage are actually fantastic compost for gardens. Take a couple of minutes and grind them down and put them into an airtight container in the garage until you are ready to spread them in your gardens. Air tight is key here – we don’t want to remove potential pests from the kitchen and attract them to the garage instead. If this does end up happening, then don’t panic! There are plenty of things that you can try to get rid of these pests from your home once and for all. Why not start by deciding to navigate to this website who can give you all the best possible solutions in getting rid of your unwanted company.

  • Rinse your recyclables. This may not be a before-bed-task, but double check that family members have rinsed out the yogurt containers and tuna cans before putting them into the recycling bin. This will keep odours at bay and fruit flies to a minimum.

  • Declutter! Clean is wonderful, but decluttering will keep your kitchen organized and for it’s intended purpose. Getting rid of piled mail, homework sheets and the like will have your kitchen ready for morning and you ready for a relaxed bedtime. Even the simple act of tucking in chairs and putting away placemats will leave surfaces clear and give you a fresh, clean feeling.

  • So “Do as I say and not as I do” right? Nope, I’ve timed it and this “Simple tips for a clean kitchen” evening routine takes about 10 minutes of time, so it’s easy to implement – and I do it too.

    This won’t eliminate morning stress altogether, but you will be able to go to bed with a sense of accomplishment and reassurance that there is one less thing to argue worry about in the morning.

    Have a great one!

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