Had to share a few before and afters that were a result of a thorough cleaning.
No paint, no chemicals – just elbow grease (and ENJO’s Marble Paste).

First off – a cast iron pan.

This is disgusting if you ask me, but Hubby says  you’re only supposed to wipe it clean because it needs to stay “seasoned”.

Clean cast iron with ENJO marble paste
Seasoned or not, there’s a pretty thick layer on this…

Here’s the back:

You can’t even see the writing on it?

(if you do clean your cast iron, please remember to re-season it before cooking with it.)

Next up my little fry pan – the before shot is how it comes out of the dishwasher.

For our wedding we (I) decided we didn’t need formal china.  We (I) picked a nice simple set that we could use all the time.

Only problem – cutlery scuffs the orchid image on it:


I used a little Marble Paste on half so you could see:

Pretty impressive eh?



Coffee/tea stains in mugs: 

 Scuz in your toothbrush holder:

Okay, I got a little carried away – but it’s the instant gratification!

This stuff is supposed to work miracles on cars and barbecue grills – so you’ll be seeing those as soon as the snow breaks!


Have a great one!

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