My house is a mess.




Even though I show posts on how to clean this or that – those few things are the only things in this house that are clean. Well, I do get window cleaning services but I can’t really claim that as my own work…

It’s a disgrace.

But, this is a blog, and I’m here to inspire and make you feel better – so I will undo this bandaid and show you yet another image of disgustingness that can only make your home seem sterile.

My blinds.

In particular, my kitchen blinds – which are very near our stove. Even if you’ve got Motorised Blinds – Smart Blinds in your home, blind-cleaning is an often forgotten responsibility that many of us will completely forget about.

Can you see the filth?

How about now:

Okay, I’ll amp up the clarity on the shot so you can really get a feel for the grime and grease:

This isn’t just dust we’re talking about.

This is set in, tangible, greasy mess. You wouldn’t be wrong if you thought we needed to have a look at somewhere like Shuttercraft for some new blinds, but I thought I’d give it a go at cleaning.

Well…. I saw this thing on Pinterest….

So I grabbed a “spare” sock

Mixed up a bowl of 1/4 cup white vinegar, a small amount of Dawn dish soap and water and got to it:

With the sock over your hand, you can wash both sides of the blind at the same time.

No use prolonging an already annoying chore.

Can you see the difference between the sections?

I amped up the clarity again so it would be more visible online.

And clean!

Even the window seems brighter without all that gunk distracting the view.

Now I have 2 clean things in my house!
(and a window frame that needs painting. I didn’t notice it was getting beat up until my blinds were white again.)

Maybe I should quit cleaning? It seems to induce more work?

Have a great one!

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