Actually, now that I’ve written it, I’m not positive that my chairs are microsuede?

They might be some kind of brushed cotton or something?

Regardless, they do have the look of microsuede – when you can see the material.

This is Madison’s chair;

 This is Chloë’s;

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 I think we’re looking at a culmination of chocolate pudding, dirt, pancake syrup, play doh, dog drool, perhaps some ketchup, a lot of grease and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was even a little pick-nose on there as well.

My Heebie Jeebies told me it was time to clean.

I got out my trusty alcohol – and some rubbing alcohol for the chairs – and got to it.

Now I have cleaned these chairs before using the cloth method (putting the alcohol right onto a clean, dry cloth and then rubbing it in to the stains).

I figured if that works, then pouring the alcohol directly on to the chair and scrubbing it with a nail brush would work even better.

Not so much.

In all honesty, the cloth method removes the stains much better than the nail brush.

I’m a scrubber by nature – I always feel things are cleaner if you’ve gotten right in there and scrubbed away at it.

I stand before you corrected.

There are still some deep-set stains that could benefit from a professional cleaning – but I think you’ll agree the difference is amazing!

Heebs, Jeebs – take a break.  We’re pick-nose free for the time being.

Have a great one!

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