2015 rings in my new motivation to organize, clean, get healthy and eat right!
The motivation dwindles by lunch time and is almost null as I’m scarfing down nachos for dinner – but right now it’s still morning and I believe in possibility!

I was surfing Pinterest this morning and I came across an image that showed how to clean your range hood.
The article suggested you use acetone to wipe it down.

I did a little research to see if I was going to ruin my hood and it turns out it’s true!  
Acetone is an organic solvent that does not contain any chlorine so it is actually suggested as a means of removing grease from stainless steel.

I read several of these to be sure they were in agreement:

I’m going to cover my butt here and say “please test on an inconspicuous area first”.

Who has acetone in the house?  You probably do!  
Check out your nail polish remover.

I’ll show you proof on my hood.
Usually I just wipe it down with my ENJO cloth and sometimes marble paste to get a nice shine – but I’ll be honest and say it’s been a couple of months and the grease has started to build again.

I grabbed my nail polish remover and a small cotton pad;
image of bottle of nail polish remover and clean cotton pad
and gave the hood a few wipes. (remember to wipe with the grain of the stainless steel and not against it)
You don’t need much at all and look at what comes off!
Cotton pads dirtied with grease and dust

I’ve done a small section of the hood  so you can see the difference.
stainless steel free-standing range hood covered in dust and grease


Two small pads cleaned the entire hood.
Dirty cotton pads (2)

One thing to be aware, and wary, of is the fact that acetone is EXTREMELY flammable.
Product shot of warning label on the back of nail polish remover bottle

Once I finished my acetone wipe-down, I used my kitchen ENJO to clean off any residue that might be left behind and then dried the hood completely.

Stainless steel range hood after cleaning

Pretty impressive right?
This took less than 10 minutes start to finish and the shine was well worth the investment.  Grease flecks are all gone!

Before and after photo of dirty range hood and cleaned one

The irony of this – I had to put an overlay on my fingernail in photo 3 because my nail polish is so chipped and mangled I didn’t want you to see.  lol

 Have a great one!

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