Stainless steel appliances have such a sleek look.

They fit into any decorating scheme from modern to traditional.

They infer a sophistication and an elegance to a kitchen…

IF they’re clean.

Which mine never seem to be.

The only thing those avocado or harvest gold coloured fridges have over today’s models is their ability to hide fingerprints.

My dishwasher is the worst:

  BUT, I have come across the greatest cleaner evah!

Barkeeper’s Friend.

It looks like Comet or Ajax, but isn’t abrasive!

I’ve actually cleaned cutlery scuffs off of my fine white china with it. (that post another day)
It’s that gentle (and strong).

The sponge is showing all of the dirt and tarnish that came off of the dishwasher

If you want to keep fingerprints at bay for awhile, wash with the Bar Keeper’s Friend, dry and then polish it with furniture polish.
It gives it a great shine and makes it easy to wipe.

I also did my disgusting cooktop;


Those swirl marks are from me using Comet – not the Bar Keeper’s Friend.

Those swirl marks are also why I switched to Bar Keeper’s Friend. 

Just a note – DON’T use furniture polish here.
It might work, or it might cause your cooktop to burst into uncontrollable flames.
I didn’t want to test it to find out.

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Have a great one!