I’m doing this shout out a bit early – because MY STUFF ARRIVED!!!

Don’t think I endorse stuff here that I don’t use and believe in myself.

Not a chance.

We are in this together!

AND, I do pay full price for anything I buy – I don’t get deals or manipulate sponsors to cut me some slack.

Again, it’s you and me sister (or brother)!

So, today the amazing and wonderful Lynn dropped off my ENJO stuff.

I bought the floor cleaner to eliminate my house of bacteria from dog pee. A friend of mine told me about diapers for dogs, and I’ve been seriously thinking about getting them to make cleaning a little easier.

I can handle an untidy house, but I can’t handle it when I think it is “down to the bone” dirty.

I need to know that my family isn’t wallowing in a petri dish of bacteria and filth.  

Lynn showed me how to use it.

10 seconds after she left I washed my floors.

5 minutes after that, I was done.

Yup – my kitchen and hallway in 5 minutes!

Now for the clincher – BACTERIA!

Check this out:

I am appalled that I had been “cleaning” my house with anything else!

Even vinegar and water (which I thought was great for killing bacteria) left behind the most bacteria of any test!

Here’s the biggest ‘block’ people have to buying ENJO products … the price.

I can see that.

BUT, if you think that these cloths last 2 – 3 years
and you won’t be buying ANY chemicals anymore
It will pay for itself and even save you some money in the end.

Let me give you the breakdown – and I’m using the floor cleaning system because it’s the priciest – so anything else will break down even cheaper.

My go-to floor cleaning liquid to-date has been Vim.

I’ve looked up prices online and they are showing $5.93 for a 1 litre bottle.
Say you wash your floor once per week (HA!) = 52 weeks
Times 3 years = 156 floor washings.
Say you go through a bottle of Vim after 4 washings – that would be 39 bottles over the three year period. = $210.21
IF you washed your floors once per week. (HA!)
You have your mop = $10
Your bucket = $10
Replacement heads/sponges for the mop (say you replace them every 6 months at $5.99 each – which is a low end refill) = $35.94
Vim = $210.21
Grand total = $266.15
Broken down by per washing  = $1.71


We’re going to start out the same here – because with how quick and easy it is, I think I WILL wash my floor once per week!
Wash your floor once per week = 52 weeks
Times 3 years = 156 floor washings.
Mop (which comes with two cleaning pads) = $249
Vim – Nope
Bucket – Nope
Replacement heads – Nope
Grand total =$249
Broken down by per washing = $1.60

Here’s a visual:

So just to be clear here;

  • I’m more likely to clean my floors because it’s so quick and easy.
  • I’m not using any chemicals that can harm my family, or that I can run out of when I need them most.
  • I’m removing 99% of bacteria and leaving an environment that isn’t conducive for more bacteria to grow

AND I’m saving money at the same time?

What about this:

Is it me, or is this a no brainer?

Don’t even get me started on kitchen counters and bathroom sinks!

Gotta go clean something.

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Have a great one!