It’s been awhile since I’ve done a cleaning post.

I know that because of this:

ENJO Oven clean 02

Dirty oven

My oven, in all its glory.
Hubby does most of the cooking in the family, so I’m not positive what caused all of this, but I’m going to hazard a guess and suggest bacon. He loves cooking bacon on parchment in the oven – which tastes fantastic, but inevitably will leave you with this.

We do have a self-cleaning oven, but a few years ago we burnt out the filament. We had a repair person come by, similar to professionals you can find at companies like Jim’s Appliance Repair and he told us specifically NOT to use the self-cleaning option on our stove. He said that it burns so hot that it will actually do damage to your oven…. and after his labour fee and the cost of replacing the filament – an expensive lesson – we’ve followed his advice.

The timing of this was actually ideal (or planned?) ENJO is having a sale – a fantastic sale – on their kitchen set.

ENJO January-February 2015 special

Click image for more information or to check out the ENJO bathroom sale on now as well!


Since this is what I use to clean the oven – it seemed opportune to show you proof and give a recommendation to its effectiveness.

The grime in my oven has accumulated for about a year now (I know, shame on me), so I did bring my trusty Marble Paste out for that extra muscle.

ENJO products used

Beyond this, all you need is water.

Oven door with clean side and dirty side


I tried to section off the oven so you could see half clean and half dirty.

Oven interior; half clean, half dirty

Truthfully, just water and a bit of marble paste – which is completely natural, non-toxic and non-abrasive. It’s actually marble ground up into a micro-fine powder.

Come on – that’s pretty impressive right?

My oven surfaces didn’t get a single scratch, I wasn’t inhaling any toxic fumes, there is no chemical residue left behind that could potentially leak into my food and no labour+filament+energy costs associated with using the self-clean option.

ENJO Oven Clean BandA 2 ENJO Oven Clean BandA 1

There are a few splatters still showing – but this oven is 10 years old – so we weren’t starting with a completely clean slate here.

Just to prove the gentleness of the Marble Paste, I wanted to show you how I use it on the outside of my appliances as well.

ENJO Oven clean 15

Not a single scratch, scrub mark, dull spot or anything.

What else is strong enough to clean burnt on stains from the inside but still gentle enough to use on the outside?

I could have achieved this same polish and shine without the marble paste – just the DuoGlove and water would have worked equally as well – but I wanted to prove the gentleness of the paste.

One container lasted me well over a year. The kitchen cloths will last you 3.

ENJO Oven clean 18

ENJO Oven clean 17

One last tidbit to add to this post; for Christmas I received an oven liner. My Mom uses these and swears by them. You set them on the lowest rack of the oven and it catches all of the spills, spatters and drips. This is mine in just the one month since the Holidays, and the second photo is mine after a wipe with my ENJO Kitchen Duoglove and water.

ENJO Oven Clean BandA 3Just a wipe – seriously. No scrubbing at all.

Then just replace on the lower rack and done!

ENJO Oven clean 14


I couldn’t find the same versions in both Canada and the US – but either way, the price is spectacular and my Mom has had hers for a couple of years now.

To wrap up:

1. I need to clean my oven more often

2. You need to contact Lynn while the sale is still on (shipping options to the US available)

3. We eat too much bacon.



Have a great one!


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