I went shopping today.

I found thousands of dollars worth of clothes and enough outfits that I’ll have something different to wear every day for 3 months!

No, blogging hasn’t brought in the millions (yet) – but I found two people that are absolutely PRICELESS!

How did I do it?
With Pink Ink style!

Here’s my before – and I am telling you honestly that this is my uniform of choice each and every day.

Closet and style makeover - the value of professional stylists

Black yoga pants and a top that is long enough to cover my butt.
How many of you wear this uniform too?

Today, I had a closet makeover with Jen and Rita.
Today was “Day One” of the new me – and I didn’t buy one single new thing.
Today was the style consultation and closet inventory as part of my Pink Ink program.
Rita and Jen went through every single item in my closet. 




Closet and style makeover - the value of professional stylists

They took a written inventory of it all, they helped me to purge pieces that I’d been hanging on to for years because of how much I’d paid, or for “when I lost the weight”, or “just in case”.

They gave me the confidence to let go of items I haven’t worn, and the motivation to try new combinations that I’d never put together myself.

For instance – what about these brown dress pants.  I had no idea what went with brown, so they sat in my closet collecting dust.

Pink Ink gave me a few options;
(Please forgive the photographs – I shouldn’t have taken these shots with the light behind me)

(Those are ramped up jeans on the right)

Can you begin to imagine how AMAZING it feels to have a styling session with people that have no agenda other than to make you look and feel your best?

They aren’t trying to sell anything.  I’m not in a store changing room where a commissioned salesperson is telling me I look fabulous no matter what I try on.

They told me the truth.

They were kind, but didn’t pull punches when it came to telling me I wasn’t buying the right sizes, that items needed to be altered, or that I’d missed the mark completely in buying something that didn’t suit my body shape. (and I learned that I’m a “banana” shape)

These are white pants that I’ve had forever, but was too afraid to wear because my rear-end isn’t really a  white-pant kind of rear end.  (White makes it look bigger doesn’t it?)

Not the case if paired properly (I need to have these fitted as well – Rita and Jen let me know what needed tailoring).


And if I didn’t wear white pants, you KNOW I didn’t wear leggings unless it was under a dress.
But check out how cute these outfits are:


I wish I could have mini Jen’s and Rita’s that I could keep in my pocket to give me this kind of help every single day.

They found pieces in my closet that I haven’t worn for years – and they made them current with other pieces and accessories.

They asked me who I wanted to be and found that person – and then gave me the confidence to BE that person.

Closet and style makeover - the value of professional stylists

This and all we did today was pants and tops.  They’re coming back again to help me with dresses, accessories, shoes etc.

If you could find a couple/few thousand dollars worth of clothing in your very own closet – that made you look and feel like the images you pin on Pinterest – wouldn’t it be SO WORTH IT?

Let me tell you from experience, and without a shadow of a doubt – it is.

I can’t wait to show you more!

P.S.  Check out their blog here for even more style boards, upcoming events and their reviews on various makeup lines – invaluable!


 Have a great one!

(Note:  this is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own and are truly and sincerely my honest feelings)

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