I am Canadian.

I have lived here my entire life.

I have never done a corn maze.

Shocking isn’t it?  I mean, I live in the corn belt of Ontario for goodness’ sake!

As one of our “100 Things 2 Do This Fall” I decided we should try a corn maze.

I may have aimed a little high;

Chloe had her face painted like a horse – those are the nostrils on her chin. lol

This is Kusterman’s Angry Birds Maze – and it really is as it appears on the billboard – HUGE.

The goal is to trek your way through the maze and find various stations.  Each station corresponds to a puzzle piece for the games inside the booklets the girls are carrying.

Some stations have rubbings, some have word clues and others are supposed to allow you to use the red page to figure out where exactly you are.

We never found any red page stations.

I’m not going to lie to you; I have no sense of direction on my best day.

I believed that driving north would always lead me home since I lived in the north part of the city.

Hubby had to correct me by reminding me it was possible to be north of “my north”, in which case I would have to drive south to get home.

Yup – it’s that bad.

In here, I had nothing.

The girls were wild!

Running, squealing, shouting out to others whenever they found a station and yes, telling me to hurry up.

They couldn’t get enough.

This was what I saw most of the time we were there;

I went into extreme panic.

We were lost in that maze for over an hour before I made them quit and cut through the stalks, following only the sound of the tractor that would rescue us.

It wasn’t sallow-eyed children coming out of the stalks with sickles that worried me (from Children of the Corn), it was the worry that I might never (ever) get out.

I’m not sure if this post is an endorsement for Kusterman’s corn maze, or a warning?

I mean the goal really is to get lost right?

In this case – theirs is EXTREMELY effective.

I made this one on the someecards website lol
Have a great one!