Do you love looking at photos of other people’s craft studios?
The gorgeous organization, cute little jars, rainbows of coloured paper or fabric or yarn.

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I LOVE those!

Messy craft studio

This – not so much.

I’m not sure the photo does it true justice – I have little piles of “stuff” everywhere.  So much so that I can’t close my sewing cabinet (dark cabinet on the left), my bookshelves are overstuffed and things are falling off and my cold air return is COVERED with dust-gunk because it’s been blocked behind more crap I’ve had sitting there on the floor.

Since I was down here (my studio is in the basement), making catnip toys and thank you cards, I thought it was time to bring some organization back.

I found catalogues and order forms from when I tried to sell Tupperware about 4 years ago.  Family photos I’d forgotten I had, tons of stamps that I’d forgotten about (and am ready to purge).

stamp pad and ribbon storage rack

Got my ribbon organized and looking tidy and my stamp pads in order by colour.  (Yes, the rainbow arrangement makes me happy)

Divided up my designed papers from my cardstock and got my scrap pile tucked away for later.

paper storage

Punches, dies and accessories were all put back into their homes…

punches and dies stored in Ikea boxes

and I even found several card making books I’d totally forgotten about tucked away under my desk!


craft books on bookshelf

I managed to purge 2 bags to the garbage, 2 bags to recycling and another large bag full of crafting material that I can pass along to someone else to use.

The end result…

clean craft studio

A room with room!

clean craft studio - another angle

(To find out how to make your own faux-granite counter, read this post.)

Now I just want to sit down here and enjoy the view!

Have a great one!

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