I’m a guest contributor on the blog for Curiosity Box and I’m due to submit an idea for a craft for kids.
As a bonus – I’m going to share it here too.

With the kids out of school for the Holidays, you are bound to hear the irrepressible “I’m booooooored!”

Here’s an idea that will keep their little hands busy for awhile:
Pine Cone Owls.

small pinecones with owl eyes, wings and beaks made from construction paper

You will need:

  • Coloured and white cardstock
  • Pine cones (dried out)
  • REALLY sticky glue (glue gun works best, but if you aren’t working with the kids, just an extra-sticky will do).
  • Scissors
  • Optional – oval, circle and a small heart punch if you have them

The owl consists of a few pieces;  3 circles in varying sizes for the eyes, two ovals or wing shapes for the wings, a small beak and the funky shape above the eyes that I’ll call the “eyebrow”.

construction paper cut outs of ovals, circles and heart shapes

I tried this a couple of different ways and I found that creating the eyes first (layer by layer) worked best.

circles pieced together to look like owl eyes

To make the eyebrow, I put a piece of paper behind the eyes and drew around them with an upsweep at the sides.

In this case, the beak is a small heart that I glued behind the eyes.  A simple triangle would work just as well.


Pine Cone Owls 5
To make the wings, I used two different sized ovals, gluing one on top of the other and then cutting to a wing-like point at the bottom.
Pine Cone Owls 6

Adhering the eyes and wings to the pine cone isn’t easy – this is where an adult with a hot glue gun would come in handy.
I couldn’t find mine, so I used Tombow glue (which is really sticky) and things stayed in place.

Pine Cone Owls 8

I’ve seen these done with felt and I can see where that would make sticking the pieces easier (more flexibility) – but I think these little guys turned out pretty cute.

Pine Cone Owls 7

These are the punches I used – but again – plain ‘ol scissors will work just as well.

Pine Cone Owls 9
I’m envisioning raccoons next, with big goggly eyes inside a black mask.  Or a fox with big goggly eyes glued above the puffy white cheeks, or an adorable little penguin!
Create a whole forest – these are so easy and SO cute!
Speaking of Curiosity Box – I just delivered one of these the other night and it was a HUUUUUGE success!
Thank you Cassie!

 Have a great one!

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