Another crayon-melting post today…

the girls sacrificed a few of their crayons so I could decorate the vase the other week, and in watching me decided they wanted to create their own art.

I’m not going to recommend this for kids in general – the heat gun really could burn them seriously – but I was closely supervising the entire time.

First, you’ll need to peel your crayons down. The girls decided this was going to be a “Spring Sunset” so they chose shades of orange and red for their masterpiece.

Crayon art 1

We took a dollar store canvas and I showed them how to hold the embossing gun and crayon so that the heat didn’t travel up to their little fingers.

Crayon art 2

All sunsets need a little silver right?

You’ll need to aim the embossing gun downwards, and even then there is a bit of spatter as the blower melts the wax.  It cools quickly, so it shouldn’t be hot enough to burn skin – but be careful nonetheless.

Crayon art 3


Crayon art 4


It’s looking like a Spring Sunset already!

Mommy decided that there were too many blank spots left, so I butt in and added a bit of blue to the mix.  I told them it “needed a bit of Spring rain” and they were appeased.

Crayon art 5

They did a great job didn’t they?

No burns, very little mess and a whole lotta pride!

Crayon art 6


A new work of art for Mommy to display and a few less crayons for me to clean up – this is a win all around!

Have a great one!

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