We live on an AMAZING street.

Amazing because of the people that live here with me.

We built our house in 2005 and in the Summer of 2006 a tradition began…  “Elderberry Day”.  (thank you Johnny B.!)
Which conveniently falls on Canada Day each year.

Hubby canvasses the street and hands out little flyers announcing the party, accepting contributions to the fireworks kitty, and assigning who will bring what to the party.

Canada Day, aka Elderberry Day, neighbours roll their barbecues down the street, bring out their canopies and lawn chairs and the festivities begin;

We rent a blow-up for all the kids to bounce away on.

 One neighbour and her daughters generously offer their time and talent to do face painting for the kids.

We block off traffic from our street and just get together.

Dinner is a scrumptious pot-luck that everyone contributes to, and we finish it all off with a firework display right in front of our houses.

It’s the most anticipated Street-Event of the year… and one that truly contributes to the sense of community we have here.

So as much as we’re celebrating being Canadian, we’re also celebrating living where we do  (on Elderberry) and the amazing people we share our lives with.

I saw this article on HOUZZ – 15 Ways to Make your Neighborhood Better
and was so grateful to live in a place like the ones they describe.

Wayne – you are amazing!