Ever wonder how to create a faux-granite look?
Maybe you saw my post about the bar top I put on my hutch makeover?

Well, here’s the easy-peasy step by step:  

Start with your base coat.  This is the colour that will be dominant when your project is done.

Use a sea sponge and dab on your second major colour.

Sea sponge a third colour sparingly.

If you like, choose a fourth colour for a (minimal) accent.

Once you have all of your selected colours on, sponge over the entire thing again with your base colour.  This will blend the others in to be more subtle.

This part is optional, but I add a little glitter while the paint is still wet.  In this case a copper glitter and a black one.  This will make it look like the mineral deposits you’d find in granite.

Now this is the hard part; the epoxy.

It’s only difficult because it’s so high-maintenance.
Your project should be completely level or the epoxy will slowly glide towards one side and will be lop-sided when complete.

Follow the instructions and pour the mixture onto your surface generously.
If it’s too thin, you’ll see the lumps and bumps from all of your sponging show through.
 (see below left side – if this happens you can add another light layer to level it out.)

After about 5 minutes you may see some bubbles form.  This is just the gases being released from your epoxy.  They can be removed by simply exhaling over them.  
The CO2 you expel will burst the bubbles and the epoxy will continue to level out.

The sides are a bit of a beast; you have to keep a watch on them or you’ll see ‘drools’ form.

I usually go back and check on the unit every 10 minutes or so for the first hour and try to smooth out any I see starting.  

Once the epoxy is tacky, it’s too late. 

The epoxy will need to cure for 24 – 48 hours and shouldn’t have anything put on it for about a week to make sure it’s hardened all the way through.

This is still drying right now, but you get the idea:

I’ll show you the before and after of the entire unit in another post.

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