Between Naps on the PorchI have another cottage craft for you today – actually, it could be an anywhere, any season, any reason craft – and the best part is it’s a tad time-consuming, so it will keep little hands busy for a fair amount of time…

String art!

One component of my cottage-care-packs was the tools to make string art.  I packaged up little nails (with heads so the string doesn’t/didn’t fall off), a wood board, embroidery thread, a hammer and a print out of each child’s name.

String art - crafts for kids!

(I didn’t need/want my name, so I decided to give a reindeer a try)

The kids – or the 9 year olds anyways – tapped the nails into their paper on the outline of each letter.  Once all the nails were in, they removed the paper and started stringing each letter with coloured embroidery thread.

Note: if you want your background a different colour, you’ll need to paint it BEFORE you start nailing. (you’ll never guess how I know this? lol)

String art 2

The kids enjoyed being able to use tools, the fact that I trusted them with nails and that this was a more substantial craft than just colouring.

Delaney was particularly diligent and caught on right away – in fact, I asked her to finish off my reindeer as well (she was really good!)

String art 3

Delaney’s parents are away and I didn’t have permission to use her face online – please forgive the pixelation – but trust me, there is a giant smile underneath!


The girls were so proud of themselves and their names turned out beautifully!

String art 4

So much so that I had to try it for myself when we got home:

String art 5

Just leave your nails sticking out enough that you can wrap the string/thread around each several times as you overlap back and forth.

String art 6

Kids, or you, could do this for any season, celebration, event or for no reason at all other than to have fun…. it’s actually very therapeutic.

Creating string art versus therapy – who knew?

String art 7

String art PTime to get out the hammer, nails and some thread and get the kids to create their own decor!


Have a great one!

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