With Fall comes the onset of birthday party invitations, and round three of my “Bulk Birthday Gifting”.

Each Autumn I come up with an idea for a universal birthday gift that would apply to both genders and is age-appropriate for kids my girls’ age.

The first year I did this, I made up craft baskets.
Last fall I stocked away about 24 Claw Machines.

This year I’m buying for kids between 7 and 9 years old.

How about a night at the movies with a friend (or sibling)!

Movie night birthday gift

Costco sells passes that include an admission and treats – so it’s a great way to have a treat.

But who wants to open pieces of paper?

Not me.

Let’s ramp this up a bit:

Movie night birthday gift

Kernel’s popcorn in “Say Cheese” flavour, a couple of popcorn containers to enjoy it in, and a couple of chocolate bars for a double movie night – one at the theatre, and another at home!

Movie night birthday gift

Unfortunately, this gift isn’t as easy to stockpile – the popcorn would be stale if I bought ahead of time, but the rest I can have handy to make up this year’s birthday gifts.

Movie night birthday gift

I’m kind of wishing it was my birthday.

Have a great one!

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