You may or may not know that I write for two blogs – 100 Things 2 Do – which is my baby, heart and soul
Daily Glam – where I’ve partnered with the Stylists from Pink Ink and Visions Graphic Artistry to provide styling advice for every woman.
This is a project that I love because it’s for women like me – people that want to be more stylish and sophisticated but don’t know where to start…. and don’t have the budget to buy an entirely new wardrobe.

Last chance – Daily Glam launches August 9th at which time no more registrations will be accepted!

Today I’m sharing all of the images from the “Sneak Peek” capsule which is/was an abbreviated version of the full Glam-capsule you get when you subscribe.

These were just little taste-testers to show you how a few core pieces can be styled and re-styled to create a number of different looks for different occasions.

The FULL capsule contains approximately 16 pieces and the Stylists at Daily Glam will show you how to take those and make 21 different looks!

The real benefit of the Daily Glam capsule is that it encourages you to shop your own closet.  Take out those never worn pieces and learn how to style them a different way.  Give new life to your existing fashions.

If you don’t have all of the pieces in the capsule, then many of the ones suggested are staples – pieces that will see you through years – so should probably find a home in your closet at some time.
Most pieces are ones that you can purchase anywhere!  You saw my new pencil skirt from this capsule was only $14.99 right?  Participating in the Glam-capsule doesn’t entail living outside your means – it’s finding a way to work your budget to create a wardrobe that will make YOU look and feel fantastic.

Finally, and probably the biggest differentiator between Daily Glam and other capsule wardrobe programs, is that the pieces are styled to accentuate the best in YOUR body shape.  Our story boards show 5 different body shapes so you can create the same look while accentuating your best features.

No one else customizes their program like this.

To round this out – $25 buys you:

  • a shopping list of versatile pieces, carefully selected by Professional Stylists,  that will carry you through the season and for years to come.
  • a printable shopping list of those items so that you can take it with you to the mall or even just to your sister’s closet.
  • links to the posted shopping items in case you don’t want to battle the crowds.
  • a daily e-mail (from the 9th to the 30th) detailing what to wear the next day – from the pieces in your capsule.  
  • access to a closed Facebook Group “Daily Glam Selfie Central” where you can post your interpretations of the day’s outfit, share shopping deals, ask questions and be part of a fun community of like-minded women.
It’s fun, you’ll learn new things and you’ll leave the house each day and get noticed.
Nothing exudes confidence more than looking put together.
Without further ado – the sneak peeks from Daily Glam!


You could get a style sheet like this in your inbox every night from the 9th to the 30th – but you have to register now before it closes!

Have a great one!