Daily Glam

I am so excited to share this!

You have no idea how hard it has been to keep it quiet – but I can finally share my deep, dark secret…

I have partnered with Jen and Rita of Pink Ink and Ang of Visions Graphic Artistry to bring you….

(imaginary drumroll and edge-of-your-seat anticipation)

Daily Glam!

It is a styling blog – meaning, if you have little or no sense of style, or if you want to ramp up your style with the aid of professional stylists – this is the place for you!

No, don’t worry – I’m not providing any fashion advice – I’m the back-office chick that makes sure the blog is working and that subscriptions are being sent.

The Pink Ink Diva’s have come up with a wardrobe capsule -“Glam-capsule” – of approximately 16 articles of clothing, shoes and accessories.
Each day you will receive an email outlining how to style these pieces to create 21 different looks!

How it works:

  • On August 1st you will receive an e-mail with a “shopping list” of items you need to participate in the Glam-capsule.

Shop your closet first!  Many of the items are ‘staples’ in that you may already have them in your closet, and if you don’t, they are wardrobe essentials that will see you well beyond this month’s styles.

If there are pieces you need – you can work it within your budget.  It isn’t necessary to buy exactly what we show you online.  What you are looking for are certain elements that flatter your body type – and those elements can be found in any store from Goodwill to Gucci.
Heck, shop your sister’s closet!

  • You will have 10 days to get your Glam-capsule together.
  • On August 9th at 7pm EST your first outfit will be e-mailed out to you.  
  • You will receive one outfit per day ending with the August 30th e-mail.

That’s it?

Not by a long shot!

The difference between this style-capsule and any others is:

1.  The price.  Fashion capsules created by professional stylists can run into thousands of dollars to subscribe to.
This one is $25 Cdn.

2.  Other fashion capsules provide you with one outfit and assume that you are a size 2 and will look fabulous in it.
Not here.  Jen & Rita have created looks for everyday, but with alterations to accentuate the best features in YOUR body type.  
This is not a one-size fits-all circus.
We want you to feel fabulous and look fabulous in your body.  

3.  There will be an invite-only Facebook page where we encourage you to post selfies!  Yes, these are selfies that people actually want to see, because these will be interpretations of the outfits that you have created.
Take the accessories to the next level, change colours etc.  Make these your own.  

4.  The styles provided will be appropriate for work AND for play.  No shorts and t-shirts here.  The looks are elegant and edgy while still being comfortable.
MOMPRENEURS – this is how you want to dress to make the right impression!

Do I sound excited about this?

These ladies have some serious talent and we can all benefit from it at an unheard of price.

Check out the Daily Glam blog this week for some sneak peeks at what’s to come.

and SUBSCRIBE to get August’s Glam-capsule!

Subscription opportunity closes on August 9th and won’t be available again until the release of September’s capsule.


Last chance to enter the Giveaway – winners will be drawn tonight!

Have a great one!


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