I’m tired.

Wonderfully happy and fortunate,

but tired.

Summer has been long with playdates and sports, friends and family – and work.

I love all of it, but today I just need to burrow under the covers and watch mindless movies all day.
No responsibilities, no obligations and I need my mind to stop running 24-7 with all of the things I still haven’t done.

Every woman feels this.
Every Mom, every single girl, every Grandma – we all need a “hideout day”.
If only.

there is one piece of the pie that has been taken off of my plate – and has benefited me to no end.

This is going to sound silly, but I don’t have to worry about what to wear each day.
It’s a small thing, but when you are trying to face the world and make a certain impression – whether it be burgeoning blogger, together-Mom, capable business woman, style-aware/self-aware person – getting ready also becomes a chore.

That’s why I’m partnered in a second business “Daily Glam”.
This is something I really and truly believe in – because I have no sense of style, I have no time to learn about it, I have no inclination to put the work into becoming all of those women above, and I have no budget to put into a new wardrobe even if I was motivated.

What Daily Glam does is provide you with a list of clothing pieces – roughly 16 – which include dress slacks, jeans, leggings etc., so things we already have in our closets.
Then, each night for 20 nights you receive an e-mail detailing what you’re going to wear the next day…. from those 16 pieces.

Did I mention the outfits are selected by professional stylists?
(Just didn’t want you to think I was dressing you myself. lol)

For example:

Learn how to dress for your body shape - Daily Glam

This is one of the sneak peek outfits.

Find your body type (instructions on how to determine which you are are part of the program) and use this as a template for your next day’s outfit.

Learn how to dress for your body shape - Daily Glam

Take it up a notch and add bolder jewelry, take it down a notch and wear denim shorts.

All of the decisions are done for you – all you have to do is get ready, leave the house and be open and accepting of all of the compliments you will receive….

and I PROMISE you will receive a LOT!

I must have looked like a bag of hammered nails before this program, because friends and neighbours are stopping me in the street to ask what’s going on with me and to tell me I look great.

I had these pieces in my closet!

But I never once put them together myself.

Without shopping for one minute, without putting much thought into the process and without spending any money on clothing – I’ve become a new me.

I feel confident,

I love the compliments.
I leave the house comfortable that I’m making the impression of “burgeoning blogger, together-Mom, capable business woman, style-aware/self-aware person” that I want to convey.

In the last two weeks – this is how I’ve left the house:



Learn how to dress for your body shape - Daily Glam


Learn how to dress for your body shape - Daily Glam



Learn how to dress for your body shape - Daily Glam

and all of these were sent to me – TELLING me what to wear and how to put it together.
I had the option of dressing it up or down depending on the pieces I had in my closet and where I was heading.

It’s easy.

It’s flattering.
It builds confidence…
and it’s done for you.

No hiding under the blankets today – or at least if I do I’ll be rocking a fantastic look!

The August capsule is winding down this week and the September capsule will be released on September 1st.

Being a partner, I’ve seen that the outfits are gorgeous – but real.  Burgundy, purple, blue to reflect the season – but still items that most of us already have.

Sign up now and join me in the fun.

It’s just $25 Cdn and you will receive 20 DIFFERENT looks all from within the same pieces.

Testimonials from current participants:

“I’m loving this program. I’m pulling clothes out of my closet that were never getting off the hanger. Now I’m motivated to purge and only keep what I’m going to use. AND of course I need a few things…”

– Whitney 

“I have a new confidence in my closet! Maybe I don’t need to throw everything out. There were some gems in there that I didn’t appreciate before.”

– Nicolle 

If you trust me as an honest blogger, and online friend – trust me now and give it a try.

Worst case, you can change your mind and get a full refund (if cancelled by September 13th).

Have a great one!