Someday I want to have Holiday decorations that are all natural greens and berries in a Pottery Barn-esque style.

But I have kids and let’s face it – Christmas is really about them.

So, for as long as they’ll enjoy it, I go loud, colourful and cartoony.

My front door is no exception.

I needed a big, puffy wreath that would beckon Santa to come hither to our house.
Enter; Deco Mesh.  (aka, micro mesh, poly mesh, poly deco mesh)

I found a great tutorial on how to make your own – it takes no time at all and the results are fantastic!

I made my wreath last year and I think the mesh was about $12 a roll?  For the wreath you’ll need one roll (of each colour), and for the door garland 2 or 3 rolls (of each colour).

I “beefed” it up a bit by adding dollar store decorations and ribbon (just added with hot glue).

I think all total, I came in around $100 for the wreath and the garland – but that includes the wreath form and the pine garland that I wrapped the mesh into.

I also strung lights in the door garland, so that contributed to the cost as well.

It was easy and fun – and I don’t think Santa could miss it!

Have a great one!

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