Let me set the mood here…

Some examples of trees that aren’t mine;

The monochromatic tree.

The non-monochromatic tree.

The house, fireplace, mantle, wreath, life, tree I want.

The simple, yet striking tree.

The modern, minimalist tree.

The “WTF?” tree.    

The diabetes-inducing tree.

The New Year’s tree.

The “let’s balk at tradition and screw with your mind” tree.

The simple and serene tree.

The photo negative tree.


Our tree?

Is a conglomeration of most of the above.

First we put the tree up on a box (or Hubby’s old speakers if he’s not around to stop us).  This gives it height and leaves room for presents underneath.

Then we go with deco mesh punched into the tree for fullness:


Then decorate in bold colours.

 Incorporate a few fairies, teddy bears, disco balls and words…

and voila!

Now how long do you give this tree given that we have two new cats and a puppy in this house?

Tree numbers 2 and 3 will be posted imminently I’m sure.

Have a great one!

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