I know, I know – “November is for making, December is for baking” (I just made that up, but it’s my mantra when it comes to posting articles) HOWEVER, this one is so easy, you might as well do it now and get it out of the way before the baking begins.  OR, if you haven’t been stockpiling containers all year, now’s the time to raid your recycling bin so you’ll have a few when you’re ready to make these.

This is it, upcycling at its easiest;

Upcycle empty tins into designer tins for delivering Christmas goodies!

These are cocoa and tea tins that I’ve accumulated over the past few months – yes, we go through ridiculous amounts of cocoa in this house.  The tins are nice, but we’re going for “Designer tins” here.

Wash the tins thoroughly, remove any labels and glue residue, then do a few – VERY LIGHT coats of gold spray paint and you’re done!

Cookie tins - 2

Embellish with a pretty ribbon, paper flowers, pine cones and greenery or the Santa labels from here.  You could even spray paint them with chalkboard paint and let the kids draw all over them for an added ‘artistic flair’.

Cookie tins - 3

Line with wax paper, fill with treats and deliver!

Cookie tins - 4

The great thing about tin containers is that you don’t have to eat cocoa like it’s going out of style to participate.  You especially don’t have to buy them at craft, grocery or bulk food stores….  I’ve seen TONNES of them at thrift stores!  Yup, as long as there is no rust on the inside of the container, you could go to a Goodwill shop and buy several for just pennies.  One can of spray paint will easily paint 30-40 tins – we’re talking very thin, light coats.

These have two coats on them and you can’t see any of the old packaging through the paint at all.

Cookie tins - 5

I prefer these to the ones you see at Michael’s – they are subtle and yet pretty enough to set out as decor pieces.  Some of the patterns you find on Christmas tins can be busy or dated.

I have these cookie tins sitting out right now in my dining room as a small gift display (empty – but no one needs to know that).

Better still, you can get a jump start on your Holiday baking and then freeze the cookies/treats right in these tins – then just pull them out as you plan your visits.

Cookie Tins P

Technically this would be a “making” for a “baking” post – so I’m still following my own rules. lol

Have a great one!

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